Sunday, January 21, 2007

testing 1 2 3

hello, is this thing on?
can anybody hear me?

testing 1 2 3

hey everybody look at me, Im a blog.
I'm not sure I belog here (pun intended)
but I'm ready to join the future.

for my first order of business
I was hoping to announce some very special dates coming up,
but now I'm told they may not happen after all.
welcome to the music business.
that's why I turned to auctioneering.


  1. Great. Another blog for me to check obsessively every day for an interesting tidbit from someone else's life...
    Actually, I am excited. These things really can be entertaining and informative. I'll be starting my day here for awhile - hope you enjoy the outlet!

  2. Glad to see you here! Thanks for loving the music so much, it shows. I dragged a friend down to your show in Long Beach the last time y'all came through here and was amazed at your skill and the trio's interaction (but what was up with that sedentary arms-folded crowd, eh?).

    Best of luck in your new auctioneering career :) and did I hear a rumor that you were perhaps working with Amon Tobin? That'd be a fascinating mix, especially as Side Two keeps finding its way into my player more and more often...

    All the best, Joe

  3. Hello Mr Belew. Enjoy the clearout. Any chance you might bring you excellent power trio to the UK?

  4. It works! Glad to see you here, Mr. Belew )

  5. Adrian, is one of the "special dates" you referred to the Southgate House on Feb. 17? It's still listed on their website, with a link to buy tickets. Please keep us posted -- thanks, and welcome to blogworld!

    p.s. I'm the guy who bought two of your paintings on eBay a couple years ago... will you be selling any more soon? I can't afford the L. Anderson guitar!

  6. Nice addition to the website! Keep the great music coming and, hopefully we will see you in Houston again soon! What's going on with KC?

  7. adrian, Excellent.
    Thanx for all the artistry you bring to the world, whether it be music, painting or your new found career in photography/auctioneer.

  8. Adrian - fantastic "Life in a Nutshell." Next time I'm turning someone on to you (seems like all the time) I'll just tell them to watch it ! (after playing them some choice cuts, that is!)
    Site looks great!
    - Alan (in Massachusetts)