Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cuddlefish or chameleon, you decide.

those of you visiting this site know by now of my propensity to change colors often. and so it is again. I had plans for touring march with something Robert Fripp (forever hereafter known as robert) calls K3. which would involve ProjeKct 6 (me and robert) as the opening act for the Tony Levin Band, followed by the Adrian Belew Power Trio, followed by an encore of robert, tony, adrian (the 3 kings of crimson) and eric slick playing a half dozen crimson classics.
that was the plan, but this is the music business and rarely do things acquiesce to our wishes.
as it turns out K3 will have to wait until the fall. this combined with the need for julie slick to finish out her semester until june caused a New and Improved! plan to be devised. the AB Power Trio will be bach (to quote the governator) post-june. meanwhile...


  1. Hi Adrian How are you!?! I am still in Seattle. Glad you finally remembered me. Sounds like an awesome show! Takes me back to 81 to 99. I hope it makes it to Seattle! Here is a link to my site Glad you and Martha are doing well! Say Hi to bob and the bears for me! Love Tim

  2. holy shit alright!

    Have I died and gone to heaven!

    No way, heaven can wait, at least until after I have experienced this SWEEEET line-up - certainly the 3 kings of Crimson, plus a dash of slick moves and grooves - fanbloodytastic!
    There really IS a music God! (as she reverently genuflects before the music alter)

  3. I'll be there in the Fall! Wow. Please tell me there are plans to record some of these shows for posterity...

  4. I hate to be the guy who finds something wrong with such an excellent idea . . .

    . . . but the only guy missing here is Pat! Wouldn't it be neat to see Pat along with this tour? with his very own Pat-band of his choosing? He's been in some hum-dingers lately.

    I do, however, like the idea of Eric playing the Crimson stuff along with everyone else.

  5. i kind of look at incompetance and indifference as a comanion piece to prozack blues , keep up the good work !

  6. Adrian that would have been sick if that would have come to pass. I caught Robert in St. Louis last March at the Blueberry Hill and was hoping that we could have talked into coming back for when you played there.

    Looking forward to your next trip through St. Louis be it with Robert or by yourself.