Thursday, January 25, 2007

a friend in deed..

you're having a warm and fuzzy dinner with friends.
what would you say to the one who told you
a 3-legged dog walked into a bar and said
'I'm lookin' for the man who shot my paw!
what would you say to that man?

Ian Wallace told me that joke, my favorite joke,
and I told it to Maynard (Tool) at mayard's halloween costume party.
turns out maynard starting telling it onstage. ha!
Ian and I like having dinner in a nice restaurant.
it's a weakness we indulge.
and when Ian and Margie lived here in nashville we indulged
our weakness every friday night at Houston's.
those were very fine times. filled with Ian's wit.
for about 5 months now, Ian has not had a nice dinner or a fine glass of wine.
if you look up "insidious" in the dictionary there's a picture of cancer.
Ian's fighting cancer.
like his friend george harrison.
Ian has many friends having played with bob dylan jackson browne henley .com
he is a king crimson alumnae. drummer.
as a drummer he rarely receives residuals. he's usually paid as he goes.
drummers live hand to foot.
Ian hasn't worked for quite some time
it is time to help Ian.
on this matter, more to come...


  1. I'd heard about Ian's situation thru some entries at the Jazz Trio's website. I was under the impression that he was in recovery, but cancer is a nasty thing, and one never knows.

    My thoughts are with Ian, his friends, and his family.

  2. What was already said: I read about Ian's condition on the DGM site one week before he underwent throat surgery. I immediately left a "Get well soon" comment on Crimson Jazz Trio's myspace site.

    I too hoped he was recovering.

    I found your blog via Robert Fripp's diary and a myspace bulletin. Reading about Ian's wit in your today's entry also helped me understand the conclusion of one of Robert Fripp's entries earlier in the month.

    Since the beginning of the year, he had problems with British Telecom's broadband at his residence, and the latest entries show it's still not fixed (the next deadline he got was Feb 5th and he hopes it's this year :) ).

    He spent a long and useless time on the phone to ask for an engineer to visit the DGM headquarters. He noticed the people he spoke to were courteous and technically within their job description, but they all had accents and he couldn't understand what they were saying. Eventually, he found an online article where BT was praising itself for a "best deal" in ...outsourcing their ClientLogic division to the HML company in ...India.

    And Robert Fripp concluded: "I say, bollocks. Best deal and I can't get an engineer in three days? Ian Wallace would know what to say to this". :)

  3. My heart goes out to Ian and his family and friends. My neighbor just found she has lung cancer (yet she's not a smoker) and their positive outlook is infectious. So I'll channel positive thoughts his way.

    That joke reminds me of the funniest knock-knock joke that involves a cow.