Monday, January 29, 2007

Roland, Roland, Roland, keep them doggies Roland...

when I prowl around in the studio closet
it's like being alone in a museum,
it's almost scary.
I find all kinds of hidden artifacts.
like the first Roland GR-300 guitar synthesizer I ever saw.
blue. rectangle with a thick python-like chord sticking out,
and a big metal head you clip into your guitar. chung!
it's sitting in the StudioCloset.
new terminology like attack time and unlatch.
on my second trip to japan (with talking heads 1980)
Roland gave it to me.
like giving a kid a new universe to toy with.
I used that synth on so many records.
and then as the technology sped up I kept adding universes. some of them live in that closet.
guess what else is hidden in there?
robert's black Les Paul Custom
from In The Court Of The Crimson King.
looks a little tired now.
so it's sleeping.
metal fatigue.
but what an awesome beast!
and so many tapes, masters, dats, adats, CD's, and cassettes? of so much music!
I could never hear it all.
which bring me to a new subject.
music which sits on a shelf.
no longer. download me, baby.
each week we'll now offer a new particle of musical dust,
heard, or never heard before.
you can choose as much or as little as you choose.
(try not to have too much before bedtime. it can cause uneasiness).
ever your loyal public servant, I will try my best
to provide a runny commentary.
don't hate me if I fail.
so when does the glorious adventure shove off?
next week.
right after the SuperBowl.


  1. Gosh what a find from the court. All the sonic nugets of time that must be in that closet. Gee I am sure glad I found your wabsite in time to see, and hear, all of this. I'm juiced and ready to go.

  2. This is really exciting! I know that you originally planned to release Dust as a boxed set. Do you still plan to do that or does that not make sense financially?

    One more question: Any thought to producing some cover art for those of us who will most likely download it all and want to put it on a "proper" CD some day?

    Thanks for stirring up the dust, I've always loved to watch it swirl around in the sun coming through my window. :-)

  3. >new terminology like attack time and unlatch.

    Attack time, and unlatch me while the stars shine. - S.

    (thanks Mr. Sinfield)

  4. I just re-discovered my old Roland GR-300 synth as a very distinctive sound source. Owning two of them (1 floor unit and one rackmounted in a 19" housing) I can really tell that they do sound slightly different. I have tried nearly all the modern toys as well, but the GR-300 still is the nicest one to just play around and enjoy this unique tone. So just keep yours and (as every style is revolving) we all will use our GR-300 again in a few years time as the perfecct "Retro-Synth"! ;-)

  5. Adrian great new site! Can't say enough about the musical legacy you are laying down, it's just too much. Saw you @ B.B. Kings 8.8.06, and it was right on, and at such a tender time. Well what would I say to that three legged dog? I would say that the duck told me he put that one on his bill. Keep Rockin', Keep Painting.

  6. gee , we just dusted off the gr-50 after finding a gk3 cable in the reduced bin at guitar center , i wonder , why they dont have a guitar-synth center ? i was also wondering if you are an organ donor , i need a couple of fingertips for my fret hand , and , i realize they aren't technically organs , but , worth a try

  7. "so when does the glorious adventure shove off?
    next week.
    right after the SuperBowl."

    Thank you so much, Ade - now even Patriots fans have a reason to look forward to the *trademarked name of event here* on Sunday!

  8. You have reminded me of some spectacular synthesis you did for Talking Heads on the Remain in Light album!!