Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gorgeous George, The Blond Bomber*

next on the auction block from the fabulous Adrian Belew Collection comes this gorgeous
and very playable Heritage 575 archtop electric guitar. if only I could play jazz guitar like my pal mike gallaher I would probably keep this one, but it's wasted in my hands. it is a beautiful instrument with natural maple high quality craftsmanship throughout. and sounds, well, just like a jazz guitar! waarrrm. this is the Heritage version of a Gibson ES-175 like Steve Howe uses. I played it/recorded it for
conversation piece
op zop too wah
. as with most things I own, you could eat off of it. perish the thought.
OCB indeed, you should see me when I have almost finished a meal: there is always one single bite of each food group left on my plate. I can't help it because I don't know I'm doing it!
but evidently I ration myself as I go.

back to Heritage Guitars. an interesting story. the old gibson craftsmen refused to move
from kalamazoo. gibson moved here to nashville. but the old gibson craftsmen refused to move. so they made a deal with gibson to keep the old school guitar-making gizmos and they started Heritage Guitars.
everybody wins.
this piece of heritage is as good as they come.
flatwound strings. wood pickguard. humduckers.
check it out on ebay beginning Friday evening January 26 at 6:00p.m. pacific time.
you have 10 days to make up you mind:
how much do I love this guitar?

* gorgeous george was a blond TV wrestler in the early days of such cudge. my uncle jack used to watch him.
even though it has nothing to do with the sophistication of this instrument,
I call this one gorgeous george, the blond bomber..


  1. Hi Mr Belew Wow what a google search will do... I dont get off eBay much.... Nice guitar . I hope hook up with one of your collection. Dayton show sounds fun its close (have to find a babysiter).
    R U going to sell any photos at auction?

    In the last week I have listened to my entire collection I had to hook up a turntable to hear some stuff :) I even went through three volumes of Guitar Speak. What a wonderful historical sonic jouney I have been on from 7th grade when I heard elephant talk (from an older brother)to through to my 4 year old and I singing and dancing to Incompetence and indiference my son loves to sing "what kind of person would do you like that?" .. that is pricless..

  2. Greetings Adrian,
    Lots of nice items going up on the virtual auction block; the Gibson is gorgeous!
    You weren't kidding about your study of photography either, I wish I could take pictures like that!
    Any hints as to what other items we might expect to appear on eBay?

    Lots of Adrian Belew/King Crimson talk here:

  3. Spooky. In 1995 I spent a day in the Heritage Guitar Works filming what was to become an exhibit on guitar making for the Kalamazoo Public Library. All the while I was shooting it I was thinking "I wonder if Adrian has any Heritage guitars." I was thinking that I would approach you about playing a 2:00 ditty on a Heritage as an accompaniment to one of those clever little time lapse "here's what a guitar being made looks like kids" montages. It was non-profit, thought you'd love being associated, etc. Problem was, this was before the "easy-access" era of the Internet and other than talking to you after Bears and solo shows, didn't really know the best way to connect with you quickly...Here it turns out that you knew their whole story and probably would have said "sure!"
    If I ever re-digitize it I will be sure to send you a QT of it! I wound up using one of the craftsmen's ditties.
    When are you back in New England?
    Alan in Massachusetts

  4. The Blond Bomber has landed safely in its new digs. Even my non-musical wife was impressed by The Gorgeousness. I can't promise as interesting a life as a traveling museum, but The Bomber has been reunited with an old friend: the Tacoma DR20E4.