Saturday, June 30, 2007

happy birthday mommie...

today, june 30 is my mother's birthday.
Louise would be 77 years old today.
my father Chester passed away
from lung cancer (smoking)
on april 12, 1970.
I was nineteen.
she passed away 10 years later in 1980,
never having even tried to re-marry.

my mother said, "after you've had the best,
nothing else will do".

my memory of their marriage is one
of laughter and happiness through
the struggle of lean times.
we didn't have much money,
but I never knew.
they gave me a happy childhood.

my memory of my mother
is of her sparkling laughing eyes
and quietly worried nature.


  1. My mother's name was Louise too. Passed away in 1987. My parents gave me a happy childhood too. We are fortunate. Beautiful photo of the happy couple. You look a lot like your dad.
    PS: It's me Kram, wearing the guise of a skinny white girl. Shh!

  2. Here's To HAPPY Childhoods...and the ones that provide them!!
    See what happens to the people that get them.....
    We become "Shiny Happy People"....

    I remember when
    MY mother bought me The Beatles "White Album" and The Jimi Hendrix Experience "Electric Ladyland" for THAT's how you raise a HAPPY child!

    I think Gary and Robin Slick's children may be "happy" too...and with "Uncle Adrian" taking them all over the world...Shine ON!!

  3. We just returned from Mexico, and it turned out to be the antithesis of a vacation break. My mother, who is 85 and went with us last year, had an incidence of arrythmia this time, in which her heartbeat bounced all over the place like Keith Moon gone mad (madder than he was). We spent 3 days in the Cancun Hospital, which needless to say, is quite different from American ones. Thankfully, she made it home and is doing fine, but there has been a detectable shift in her strength and personality. her more frantically worried personality, is even more so. But for now, she is feeling better. Your post about your mom was sweet to read after going through the changes with mine. Also, I was so pleased to read such beautiful sentiments about your happiness with the AB trio and and your wife, Martha. No matter how many moments we have here; living in the present one is indeed the challenge and the key. You seem to have mastered it now. Congratulations and best wishes, old pal.

    ps.Hey, Arrythmia might be a good name for an album!

  4. You know those computer programs where you can take two faces and merge them to make what their children would look like? And you know how they're always completely inaccurate? Well I think you maybe the one exception to that rule as you seem to be 50% exactly of both your parents.

    Good DNA I guess!

  5. according to your dates, you were 20 when your dad passed.