Friday, June 29, 2007

News From The Future...

three monumental pieces of news:
side four
is now mixed and ready to be mastered. my trip to saul's zonana's westchester studio was perfect. saul has done a fabulous job of making it seem as though you are four feet away from a scorching power trio. I have the artwork under control and will be finishing it as soon as possible.
side four is on its way!

as you may know, robert and I have a frequent phone dialogue most of which deals with our future together. recently I told robert "you have my full support in whatever you want to do, even if it's nothing". I went on to request that he simply let me know when he had decided on a course of action. yesterday robert called to say he'd at last figured out a way for krimson to tour. king crimson is coming back sometime in 2009!

I've begun talks with a well-known manufacturer of beautiful acoustic guitars about the prospect of creating an Adrian Signature Model acoustic guitar. The Parker Fly Adrian Signature Model is moving ahead ever closer and it would be so nice to compliment the
greatest electric guitar in the world with the greatest acoustic.

more on all of this later.


  1. I understand that a long hiatus is part of the KC way. But damn, they're hard to endure. This is very exciting news!

    Is this the lineup-seven with Robert, yourself, TLev and P@? Or something altogether different?!

  2. YESSSSSS!!!! thanks for keeping us updated and I am just grateful that I will see KC live in my lifetime. By the way, the Power Trio show in Long Beach last year was incredible and I appreciated chatting with you afterward.

  3. Any idea of when the The Parker Fly Adrian Signature will be available and what sort of price tag will be dangling from the neck?

    Also have you tried the Roland VG-99 yet? The demo video on the Roland site looks great, I wonder what sort of ultimate weapon the The Parker Fly Adrian Signature and the VG-99 would make - especially in your paws.


  4. You said in the previous post how great you are feeling (keep it that way) and now you give us good reasons to feel excited too: KC like the phoenix will spread its wings again
    and take us to high music skies. Can´t help feeling curious about the colors of the new feathers.
    Brazilian greetings all the way from The Netherlands, that is, hoping I will have a chance to see KC in the low lands or neighborhood.

  5. I hope there are some Bears in your future also!!!
    I just love those guys!!!

  6. Exciting news about KC. Although I can't imagine Robert wanting to tour at all, he's made his desire to not do that so well known on his site. So I'm wondering if this is going to be some sort of "virtual tour".

  7. Hi Adrian.

    I came across Babicz guitars while searching for guitar tab (for 'Fly'!) and became interested enough to buy one - the mahogany jumbo cutaway. I saw that you endorsed them, and was wondering if you still play them at all?

  8. simonsonics:
    sure do.
    in fact, the mahogany jumbo is the one I have too.

  9. That's great news indeed! I hope KC will visit Poland AND I also hope that you will bring your band here. I'd love to hear stuff from all Sides live!

  10. New King Crimson tour?

    The Israeli KC fan-base is still awaiting for the arrival of the band. We haven't seen you guys since 1969, which means that 40 years have gone by without one gig in Tel Aviv.

    Roger Waters, Jethro Tull, Peter Gabriel and David Bowie have giged in Israel. Even Tori Amos got here lately. So why not Crim in TLV?

  11. Was it true about King Crimson? They are one of my favorite bands and I would certainly love to see them playing live. These are the best news!

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