Thursday, June 7, 2007

work in progress, stage three...

little by little.

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  1. I remember maybe 5 or 6 years ago I tried to make art with my father's a old bass guitar, and I learn the easiest way to destroy a musical instrument in 5 steps:

    1st step- Don't use an expensive one, use your father's one
    2nd step- Quit strings, picks and knobs.
    3th step- Run when your father look at your "art work" in progres and try that he don't hits you with the bass's 4th strings.
    4th step- Try to tell your father "your old bass was not working anymore, it will be an artwork"
    5th step- Have $300dls and buy a new instrument, because the "artwork" bass guitar is now at the garbage truck... :(

    No body believes in my art :(

    now when I say "mother, can I make art with your old celular phone, it's not working anymore"
    she say "no, no, no better put it into the garbage basket" ha!

    You are very creative, I was watching your video KC in japan 2003 (E.W.O.) and I like your yellow guitar. Did you paint it?
    How can you play that way?... you are a serious thing Mr.Belew you're an artman.

    Have a nice day Ade.