Wednesday, June 20, 2007

sweaty success...

last night was our first show in months.
the mercy lounge, where we showed no mercy.
the place was steaming and so was the power trio.
rarely do you hear such enthusiasm pouring
from a nashville audience; they've seen it all.
but this audience was loud and excited.
and on a tuesday night no less.

the new songs went off without a hitch.
what more can I say about eric and julie?
they are awesome.

tonight at 8:00 we board a plane for vienna.
vienna, virginia that is.
let the joy begin!


  1. I really enjoyed your show last night. It was a sweaty night, wasn't it?
    You were dripping with it by the time the night was over. I lost 2 pounds myself, and I was just in the audience-ha! It was my first time to see you with Eric and Julie. They are truly amazing. My hubby said he couldn't keep up with Eric (he was trying to air drum along with him). Get that whammy bar fixed for the rest of the tour:) I hope you guys have a great tour. Thanks for an amazing show! Next time I see you, I hope it's with the Bears-pretty please?

  2. Mercy! but there was no lounging, last night.
    My husband and I (who, with 3 kids at home, rarely get out-especially not on a Tuesday night) enjoyed your show immeasurably! I could gush and go on about how wonderful you 3 were but I think what I really want to say is: Thanks for reminding us why we love live music. Y'all were awesome!
    We had to leave after the first encore (the 6:30 am workaday alarmclock ringing in our minds). I really hope I don't hear that we missed anything after that!

  3. looking toward virginia-
    where i'm to meet with
    this ultra hot trio-hoping
    that ---things stay HOT---for thursday---and the weekend---gary--

  4. Yea! Vienna tomorrow night! We don't have a Mozart in our Vienna, but it's a great place all the same.

    I'm hoping to get my husband along as well as my older son, whose face I want to watch as he watches. "This, kid, is what can be done with a guitar..."

  5. Mercy Lounge - What an incredible show!!

    You see, I have attended basically every Tennessee area show you've performed since 1997 or so. I caught the premier Projekct Two gig at the Cannery. I saw your do a show by yourself with the acoustic for Lightning 100 FM in '98 or so in support of the Salad Days album. (I even managed to meet Audie a couple times and discuss starting a band.) I saw all the 12th and Porter Heavy Construkction gigs for KC in 2000 and 2001. I saw the Bears at both 12th and Porter and 3rd and Lindsley in support of Car Caught Fire and Live. I was at the Crimson 328 performance hall gigs in 2001 that were released by the DGM Collector's Club. I saw KC in Knoxville at the beautiful Tennessee Theater in 2001. I traveled to Atlanta to catch the Power to Believe show in 2003 at the Variety Playhouse. I saw your trio with Mike and Mike opening for Buddy Guy at the Riverfront and at the Exit/In last year. In ALL of those shows, I have never heard a performance as INTENSE as last night's. It was... face melting. The funky / crazy groove on 'Three of a Perfect Pair' was... dare I say... fatter even than that of Levin / Bruford. It was just a total reconstruction. The Slick twosome have added such an incredible, groovy, HEAVY and INTENSE bottom to your tunes... I don't think touring with even Claypool and Carrey could have topped that sound. Your entire catalogue has been reinvigorated. I hope you stick with this group for a long while. I can't imagine any other musicians interpreting your material with as much of a modern edge as those two have.

    So cheers to this trio!! Way to go on the new (for this tour) tunes too. Just killer!

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  7. Tomorrow at Jammin' Java will be my 17th time seeing you in concert ... between your solo shows, Crim, The Bears, Paul Green's School of Rock, and Bowie. I'm looking forward to it

  8. It got to be wonderful travel around the world makeing music, honestly I'd like be there playing my keyboards with you, and with musicians like you and your friends. I can imagine the music business it's a hard job, but you're not makeing business, you are makeing Art, and flying around the world makeing fantastic improv and noises!!!!! Adrian, my friend, you're very very lucky.

    And all those people who enjoy your shows are very very lucky, please Mr. Belew, bring us your art to GUANAJUATO MEXICO!!!!!! Make us lucky for just One time...

    "And I've been standing in a cloud of plans..."

    Saludos desde Mexico amigo!!!!

  9. I can't wait for Sunday! I really, really wish your time slot was longer. One hour is waaay too short for you guys...I don't want to think of what's going to get left out. Maybe if you play backwards time will do the same. ;-)

  10. I can imagine the sweat. When you played the HiPointe in St.Louis for inner revolution, it was jammed and hot. You were wearing jackets back then (the suit type) and I remember the sweat pouring out of your sleeves wondering if you were going to melt away before the night was over!

    Cheers to the current tour.


  11. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to Eric and Julie. I had read all the positive comments and thought to myself, "eh, they can't be that good." They are. And more. I rarely find my attention distracted from Mr. Belew's guitar acrobatics, but I frequently ended up watching Mr. Slick slack-jawed.

    Show burned last night. The whammy bar couldn't even keep up. The "new songs" for this tour--I won't ruin anything--were particularly incredible.

  12. my mom and sis caught the show and had a great time. i told them about the show in jacksonville and they couldn't wait to see the show. my sis was so inspired by julie, she is switching to bass (bought one today, actually).

  13. Bravo Adrian! Love to hear you on that performing high.

    So... what were the new songs? Anybody care to share?

    Impatient in LA... :)

  14. Just got back from the Vienna show, which was fantastic. Thank you again, Mr. Belew (and Mr. and Ms. Slick, who put the rhythm power in the power trio).

    Thank you also for the autographs.

    I hope the rest of the tour goes well and look forward to seeing you next time.


  15. Hi Adrian,

    Any chance that you will be stopping in Montreal on your way to Quebec City?

    Our city misses you.

  16. Envy, Envy, Envy
    is the only thing I can feel when I read all your friends saying that they have been in a Belew show... I know I will not die until I watch you in a show, and too Mr.Fripp, and Bill, an KC and all the DGM cast.

    Have a nice tour, and enjoy your job...

    I insist, you're very very lucky.

  17. Thanks for a great Vienna show last night. Ach du lieber! :)

    Wish I could have stayed for an autograph/photo, but the son I brought was getting tired. (So I got him a cool t-shirt instead!) By the way, he told me that you "are the definition of awesome." You have impressed the 11-year-old set.

    Julie and Eric are unbelievable. Eric was a blur of drumstricks, and I especially enjoyed you three trading all the smiles and energy. You guys are FUN to watch!

    The music was FANTASTIC. Honestly, you make me want to go out and buy an electric guitar...Hope you guys can come around again soon!

  18. WOW A/car!
    I thought your cars (gonna miss seeing that Benz) were the ticklers.
    When you turned me on to music... some Sweeheart years ago, a craving was born...even though it was just "Music Appreciation" it was born. It was confirmed at the Mercy of Sweat on tuesday.

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  20. First I have to say this might of been the most incredible performance I've seen Ade do, and I seen plenty!

    6-21-07 Jammin' Java, Vienna, VA

    Writing on the Wall
    Young Lions
    Beatbox Guitar
    Men In Helicopters
    Matchless Man
    The Lone Rhinoceros*
    Of Bow and Drum
    Big Electric Cat
    Frame By Frame
    Three of a Perfect Pair
    Elephant Talk
    Thela Hun Ginjeet

    *Adrian solo

    Headed from Winchester to Alexandria, VA. Pretty smooth sailing until I got near the Wilson Bridge construction. I don't miss Beltway traffic one bit. Had a few beers and a awesome dinner with some old family friends who have a beautiful house overlooking the Potomac River in Mount Vernon. Me and Karl headed to venue and ran into Kate and Craig waiting in line (I am so glad ya'll went, and thanks for the gift Kate, YOU ROCK!) We had to wait in line for awhile, but the odd thing the line was inside the venue, never been in that situation before. It was cool since we had a drink as we waited. They let us in, the venue wasn't too spectacular (my first time there) decent sound though. They had closely placed chairs and no tables in front of the stage. Kate snagged some chairs 3 rows back from the stage. The opener Saul Zonana was pretty good, solo singer/guitarist who used loops of bass, guitar and drums. Adrian produced and plays on one of his cd's that I picked up and got signed after the show.
    At the break between Saul and the Trio, I hit the bathroom and happened to walk by the green room as Adrian opened the door. Exchanged greetings and wished him a great show, and a great show it was. It was an all ages show and was awesome to see many younger fans.
    They hit the stage to a loud and receptive crowd. Ripped open Writing on the Wall with a sonic assault. Eric and Julie are so incredible, and amazing to watch. I think Ade really feeds off of it too. No disrespect to the two Mikes, but this line up is SICK! Eric is a monster on the drums, and Julie is so fluid and strong on the bass, they both make it looks so easy.
    Adrian joked about being in Vienna, and sorry that the audience doesn't speak English...LOL.
    Ampersand was next, they blew the lid off of it!
    Young Lions was next, I really love this song, awesome version. Adrian asked if he could get some light on the crowd so he could see us, but they didn't have lights placed that way.
    Beatbox followed and had a MONSTER of a jam sandwiched in it. Adrian was really working his "toys", he has a cool bouncy stool he sits on when tweaking his gadgets.
    Men In Helicopters was a treat. I was getting a little annoyed at this point, for a dude sitting near me was taking flash pictures like every 20 seconds. The guy in front of me was annoyed too and tapped him on the shoulder. He continued to shoot, so in between songs I got his attention and asked if he would chill out on all the flashes (it is a rock show, not a fashion shoot.) It worked for he only took two more pics the rest of the show.
    Matchless Man had a extended part with more Adeffects and loops.
    Madness was AWESOME. I am not the biggest fan of this songs version on Side One, but with the Slicks it is now one of my faves. Julie and Eric slayed on this. This got a great response from the crowd.
    The next 2 songs was Adrian solo:
    Drive was great with the Within Without You tease
    Lone Rhinoceros was nice, Ade mentioned this was the song that put him on the map.
    The Slicks returned and Adrian said they are going to play a new song that they just learned which turned out to be Neurotica. This was KILLER, Adrian had a vocal loop on this. It was SUPER HEAVY! At this point I needed to pee and went to hang out with Karl, who early on moved since it was pretty loud to him.
    Of Bow and Drum followed, very cool trippy intro. This is one of my fave Ade songs, so was a treat to hear it again.
    I found Karl by the merch booth and to my surprise saw that Martha was working it. Exchanged hello's and was tickled she remembers me.
    Big Electric Cat got me bopping around, I should of stood and danced for the whole show, those chairs were uncomfortable.
    Frame By Frame was incredible.
    Three of a Perfect Pair ended the set.
    Very loud reactions thru the whole show which Adrian gaive us props for being a weeknight show (he commented it was a nice response for any night for a show).
    They encored with Elephant Talk and Thela which brought down the house.
    Post show chatted with Eric and Julie and got them to sign the setlist I kept. They are def. bro-n-sis, Julie wrote "Eric Smells" next to his autograph. And it was fun seeing them kid around and one point Julie pushed Eric, lol, siblings for sure. I mentioned I love reading their mom's blogs (hi Robin) Eric said "I really love my mom". I got to briefly chat with Poppa Slick, very nice guy. Ade again made himself accessible to his fans and set up shop at a table and the fans lined up to get some time with him. I joked with Kate while standing in line that it was like being in line for sitting on Santa's lap at the mall, lol. It was kind of like a confessional, a fan would sit across from Ade and chat and then leave and someone else moved to the chair. I felt blessed, lol. Adrian remembered Kate and she had a nice chat w/ Ade. I then introduced Ade to Karl, who's brother in law used to do sound and roadie for Zappa in the early 80's. They had a nice, short exchange. Wished Adrian the best on the rest of the tour. Martha asked if I was heading to the Annapolis show, which sadly I can't for I am headed to Pennsylvania to see another show.
    Sorry for the long winded review. GO SEE THE TRIO!

  21. I just have finish tonight a work for a Theater company, a colection of 23 little pieces of music that plays with the scene actions.

    Is very very funny work with teens actors in a highschool theatre company. I think you have this frenetic style that needs the music of a theater work.

    What about the tour?,
    how do you feel traveling the world makeing music?
    I can imagine you are very busy, you hav'nt write anything here in five days, but all we know you are enjoying your way of live your musical life.

    Have nice shows Ade.

    Mexico te saluda Amigo!!

  22. What a weekend!

    My husband Roy and I saw twelve bands in the last three days. We had booked our flight to the East Coast long before I knew of Adrian's tour. The original goal was to attend NEARFest - the North East Art Rock Festival in Bethlehem, PA. But Adrian played 40 minutes away in Sellersville. It was too perfect; we had to go. We also managed to see the band Asia and Ian Hunter from Mott the Hoople at separate shows in nearby Philadelphia on Friday. Whew!

    Adrian was wonderful. We had seen the earlier power trio, but this was our first time seeing him play with the Slicks. Excellent performance all around, even with some technical issues that must have been frustrating. It was great getting a chance to say hi after the show as well. The opening act Caryn Lin was very good as well.

    This year has been amazing. I've seen Adrian three times this year, with completely different shows. We are getting very spoiled!


  23. I wanted to say Hi Last tuesday but my head got ripped off!
    We met in Springfield. We have mutual friends. Bill J. Doug R.
    I am not sure if you remember meeting. I played giutar with Cicero Slim and WWIII blues Band.
    (Slim says HI)
    Anyway, you have always been an inspiration.

    Alex Borisov
    Springfield, IL
    Check out "Old andTired"

  24. Just home from the the triumphant final show at B.B. Kings. All I can say is wow! I've never heard Adrian playing better and Eric and Julie are amazing discoveries. I cannot wait for Side Four!

    Thank you for another amazing evening of music!

  25. Wow. I'm in a minority here: I heard Adrian's music for the first time about three weeks ago. I've played guitar for thirty-odd years; after hocking all my Fenders and Gibsons and Ibanezes and buying a bunch of Parker Guitars (they ARE the greatest guitars on earth!) I started reading all this chatter on the Parker forum about Adrian Belew. "Can't be a player of much consequence," I thought, "'cause I never heard of him..."

    But He was hot enough that Parker named a whole new model of guitar after him... I waited a year or so before, sitting idle at work one day, I checked out his website. Not to sound like a victim or anything, but Adrian rhocked my face off. Not just his music, but his insight! "so much of today's music is just fashionable crrrap disguised as art," he said. "Perhaps creativity will become fashionable again." Who thinks of this stuff!? I DO. I'd felt that way for decades about the music scene, and finally someone gave voice to my deepest conviction!

    I drove five hours, and arrived in Vienna three hours before the show. Dinner was good, but better than that was the sound check: there was this guy on the stage who was consumed with making the music sound perfect. I appreciate that! Never did I hear "that'll have to do" or "good enough." There was just this pursuit or perfection...

    I managed to get a seat front row, center stage... could've touched the Master's feet at any time during the show without even standing up. My apologies to the people behind me, but what the hell- you've seen Adrian before.

    I saw during the entire show that this guy -and his "kids"- were diggin' the music. The rest didn't matter. If I'd been the only one there, I really believe they'd have played exactly the same show. Sure, they fed off the crowd's energy... but they were overflowing with the joy of just playing their guts out! Yeah, it was that visceral.

    After the show, Adrian was gracious enough to sign my favorite guitar, and seemed genuinely interested in every individual who came to him to have something signed, or just to chat. What a nice guy! He could give lessons in graciousness to a good many lesser superstars!

    So yeah... it was my first Adrian show. And it certainly will not be my last! THANK YOU for a superb show, but thank you even more for the inspiration that comes with sitting in the presence of excellence. Come back to Virginia SOON!

  26. Hey Adrian,

    I'm the one that said 'hi' at breakfast Monday morning in Ocean Grove. I could've met Robert Plant when I was a teenager and all I listened to was Zeppelin and Floyd, but I didn't want to bug him. So, believe me, I wouldn't have bothered you if I hadn't read in the blog that you wouldn't mind. Although, I hope I didn't bother you too much (especially since your wife was there). I couldn't help it...I just started playing guitar again because of you and I used the SOR fest as an excuse to see the power trio. Thank you for being so cool about it.

    I did make the BB King's show too and I consider myself one of the luckiest people around to have seen the trio two days in a row. I grew up wishing I hadn't missed all the classic Zep and Floyd shows and I can honestly say I could care less at this point (of course, a classic Crimson or Zappa show would've been nice). The trio is completely amazing, and I hope you guys stay together for a LONG time.

    I also saw Julie that night after the show. She walked up behind us into the garage we parked at...what a weird and wonderful day. I felt like buying a lottery ticket!

    Please do a midwest (Music Mill/Chicago) stop. :-)

    (To everyone who hasn't seen the trio...beg, borrow, hitchhike, leave your poor husband at home...just get to the show!)