Monday, June 4, 2007


my friend Will Urban informed me the worldwide population of white rhino,
the great big ones with wide mouths
is reported to be at an astonishing 13!
there are only 5 believed to be left in africa.

what a legacy we're leaving behind.


  1. That's completely depressing...


  2. It makes me furious. Almost completely brought-to-you by Traditional 'medicine'. Is that for the Northern subspecies or for all? Senseless, and criminal.

  3. We're the lone rhinoceros...

    There ain't one hell of a lot of us left in this world...

  4. Very sad indeed, if anyone is interested in helping, you might consider contributing to the IRF or the WWF.
    Here's the CNN article about losing white rhino #14...


  5. Morningstar- Yes it is the Northern White Rhino subspecies. You might also want to know about the Northwestern Black Rhino(approx 5 left) and the Vietnamese Javan Rhino(approx 2-7 left.)

  6. Okay, last post, I promise! My url was cut off! The rest of the above CNN URL is (ending at rhino.death.ap)...
    PS Thanks Adrian for helping awareness!

  7. so much killing and abuse...

    there doesn't seem to be much love and respect around for the world we all live in.

  8. sounds like perfect timing
    for "men in helocoptors" to be added to-"set list"------gary

  9. gary:
    great idea!
    I think we shall.

  10. hey Adrian....
    maybe you could ask for a small donation from everyone at all your shows - whilst you play 'men in helicopters' - to be donated to the 'save the rhino' charity organisation

  11. The White Rhino is divided in 2 subspecies: there are 11,600 Southern white rhinos, and (yes) only 4 Northern white rhinos.

    Please, come back to Argentina with King Crimson! You guys played here circa 1995 but I was such a fool and did not attend the show. (Please please please... ).

    Keep on bloggin', and thanks for your music.

  12. The scientific me says "extinction is part of life and has always happened" but I still feel sad and angry at how "we" speed it up in some circumstances.

    Odd, I read this after organizing some of my downloads. I was deleting the date from the beginning of some of the files and went one keystroke too far:

    I changed "022607_lone_rhinoceros_live" to "one_rhinoceros_live" !