Friday, June 29, 2007

In A Whirlwind Of Ketchup

that's where we are today. answering dozens of e-mails, back orders from the e-store, further emergency paperwork for the eminent quebec/japan run, unpacking tour gear and setting it up in the studio, taking calls from everywhere, interviews, playbacks of the new side 4 mixes, laundry, you name it, we're busy doing it.

but I stopped long enough this morning to read through the reviews on robin slick's website (which is where I get most of my information) and was pleasantly shocked to find that most of the small world I inhabit seems to get it at last:

the power trio is phenomenal!

there is something which transcends beyond my experience when we play together. it's a mystery I don't intend to solve. chemistry. synergy. happiness. joy. all the things music can and should be. truly eric and julie make me better and I make them better. the music I have worked for all my life has reached a fresh plateau I've never felt or heard before. and I am so happy to share it with the ears and hearts of others. I wish we could play for everyone on the planet.

in fact, I'll go one step further to say:
this may be the happiest time of my life.


  1. That's certainly encouraging stuff to read, Mr. Belew.

    I think you ought to start planning your planetary tour.

    And I think the logical first stop ought to be Oklahoma City, so I can hear you guys again! :-)

  2. Congratulations. I hope the magic continues.

  3. You know you'd be even HAPPIER if you played in the UK.. ;-)

  4. Adrian - glad to hear things are so rosey for you! You certainly deserve it; you've given your listeners a lot of joy! We're grateful.

  5. My son and I saw your show at the SoR fest ..great performance! You sure looked did Julie and did the audience! That’s what it's all about, thanks to you 3 for bringing a smile to all around. I took a few cool pictures and I'll send them off to you soon. Again...thanks thanks thanks.

  6. We really need to get the trio back to Atlanta! I caught you on the Bela Fleck/Umphreys show last year, but we need a more intimate venue in which to bask in the power trio's greatness!

  7. beware the panda:
    atlanta and florida are in the works for august.

  8. I'm so knocked out for you, Belew!

    You were working for FZ when I first heard you - first I saw Frank as well. I have followed you with great interest over the years, seeing you play in Cleveland at the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers auditorium in support of Twang Bar King, later with Psychodots, Bears, wondering what exactly you were doing to add to the NIN records, gettin' the chance to tell you how much my then-7 yr old daughter loves "Look At The Sky" (On)....

    It's fantastic to hear this is the happiest time of your life. I saw you with the trio at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year, and was really blown away. You looked like you were in heaven.

    Hope to hear the three of you again soon.

    All the best,
    Brian McCann (1 hour away from my 44th birthday - yay!!)

  9. That's great to hear... as well as the KC coming back bit in post above... I'm so glad you're at a productive place... it's hard to stay there sometimes... enjoy it while you can and we'll all reap the subsequent benefits (MO MUSIC!!!).. peace to you, A.

  10. Oh, and I'll be a-watchin' for you to come to the ATL... my fifth opportunity to see you...

  11. This is the nicest post ever.

    The Trio would be welcomed in BVT – the west coast of New England. We happy too. Happy for you.


  12. That happiness is coming through loud and clear at the trio shows. Thanks for sharing it...

  13. Are you trying to make Robin's head explode?!?! Momma Slick has been on cloud 9 for quite a while and it just keeps getting better and better! Between following her blog and yours, we're *all* feeling quite heady about the synergy of the Trio. It's wonderful to share this with all of you!!!

  14. Wow, that's great news Ade. I'm very happy for you.
    Feel free to stop by in Winnipeg someday. We'd love to have you here.


  15. Ive been fortunate to see abpt perform 4 times; for your opening show at the Music Mill in Indy, then World Cafe Live in Philly (where I met Gary and Robin), then I drove 1200 miles round trip to see you play/record Side 4 Live in Newport Ky and now most recently at SOR in Asbury Park ( I couldnt manage Sellersville and BB Kings) and Ade, I know that musicians hear this alot, but it just keeps getting better and better. Ive been fortunate, through my perhaps slightly obsessive following of your work with these kids, to get to know the Slicks (and briefly, you and Martha) and I just wanted to take a moment and say 'thanks again' for putting a smile on MY face! You guys are one of the few bands that leave me simply saying 'WOW!!'. well, maybe SHOUTING IT...:-D

    Its been a killer ride and Ive not only enjoyed your music, Ive also had a unique opportunity to experience other performers that I otherwize would be oblivious to. I find myself often marveling at the infinite diversity present in music as well as its ability to touch, inspire and entertain. For me, ABPT has been like a catalyst for expanding that awareness in myself. I hope to see you guys a few more times! And dude, the matching guitar and sunglasses was freakin cool :-D

    But Ade, some advice: you have GOT to stop breaking your equipment! Everytime I see you, its a broken peddle, a broken wammy bar, a broken amp...dude, stop beating on the gear! :-D

    Thanks again Adrian!

    Pete Franke

    Pete Franke

  16. wow---hard holding back tears of joy--with this posting--quite glad to be a part of this part of your life-----well go on and conquer the world with scorching guitar solos---only way this could be better--is if ED SULLIVAN was still around--"and now folks--the ADRIAN BELEW POWR TRIO"-{sorry girls--adrian's married}--can't wait to see acoustic model--!!--gary

  17. Lots of exciting news, Atrium. But y'know, as hard as it is to wait til '09 for KC, if you waited until '10, I'll be in a position to have seen the Crims in 4 out of 5 decades (had tix for the double trio in ATL in 96, but my wife was 8 months preggo).

    Anyway, best of luck with everything, and bring the Power Trio to NC!

  18. Your confidence shows. I've yet to see a power trio show but, from what I've seen with AB/2Mikes and Bears and even when KC came through St.L a few years back, you project a confidence that's not arrogant but, it's like you've got space to move around w/in yourself comfortably. It's kind of like you've come to the realization that you're not going to fall down. Maybe some of it has to do with the technology. You're getting a steady flow of feedback and encouragement from the world outside.
    Anyway, I did notice the confidence thing in the last several years.



  20. Ditto niko's post, i.e., your happiness comes through loud and clear at the shows.

    Thanks for touring, sharing, posting. Thanks for getting Julie and Eric on board, and to everyone who went to the trouble to make this tour happen.

    A big thanks for this blog, without which I wouldn't have found out about the Vienna show to begin with! KEEP TOURING!

  21. Your excitement about playing with the Slicks was evident in some of the earliest shows you played with them. I'm very glad to hear the excitement hasn't subsided!

    It's a curious thing, the paths that lead one to various places. I was a fan of AB first, and through him came to be fans of several other players: Robert Fripp, Rob Fetters, Bob Nyswonger (the three Roberts), Chris Arduser, Trey Gunn, and now Eric and Julie. Where will this connection lead next?

  22. Adrian, Julie, Eric, Saul-
    The happiness is contagious! We had such a wonderful time seeing you and getting to spend some time together. It was very clear that everyone was having a blast, and although I look forward to the '09 Krimson (per your latest update), I'm in no hurry because that means we may get a couple more years to relish the Power Trio. Having seen you in many combos over the last 25+ years, you've never sounded better, nor have you ever been more committed to what you were doing at that moment. Bravo to all, well done, can't wait to have you back in DC!
    Keep shreddin', and keep it surreal!
    The 1600 Krew

  23. "this may be the happiest time of my life."

    Posted 6/29/07 by adrian belew at 9:20 AM

    -From YesFans post.....
    Most of you remember what if "felt" like the time you became aware that the music of YES and the personalities of the it's players were something "special" and would be something you would never let leave your soul.....well, look at us now...we're still here, still enjoying that lifelong "high" from YES and other groups, etc....

    Well, last week I went to see the "Adrian Belew Power Trio" here in Nashville and during THAT performance I got that "feeling or high" again.....Adrian is a magic man with his command of his instruments, his stage personna is uplifting and he's probably the best "all around" guitarist around....

    If you have seen one of THESE shows you're nodding your head right now and saying "That's Right, that's right"....

    It is SO refreshing to go see a performer hit a new "high" for themselves too...Besides the intense, excellent music you could just tell this lineup and tour was going to be "special"...

    Instead of all the superficial, contrived musical offerings we are seeing and will be seeing the next few years it is comforting to know that "there are those among us that think (making great music) is (no) joke"......

    I can't wait to see YES reform and tour again, yesterday Robert Fripp called Adrian and said he has a way King Crimson can tour in 2009 and there is even plans for the three remaining members of Led Zep to tour with Jason Bonham filling in on drums for his deceased dad (when Jason gets out of alcohol rehab it seems?!) BUT in the meantime the "void" is being filled and the torch is being carried on in "high" style by Adrian and The Slicks......

    Check them out if you can and you too can get that lovin' feeling back towards music and it's artists.

  24. thanks all of you, for your lovely comments.