Thursday, June 14, 2007

work in progress: Done.

almost done. I will need to find the best way to seal the front of the guitar,
but I'll do so post-tour. but I don't plan to add another splotch of rorschach
to this baby.


  1. cant resist the urge to comment. Dude, Im so ready to see the power trio play again, you guys are so cool!!

    *gush gush*

    I dont mean to gush, but really, I have such a great time watching you and the slick kids play, its such a treat. I plan to harass, er I mean say hello, at the SOR fest and Im going to try to get out to Sellersville the night before; both shows are like equa-distance from my home.

    cheers and safe travels, say hello to the kids for me


  2. the guitar turned out very cool...
    i love the sprays and spots of yellow

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  4. "I LIKE IT!"

    It doesn't look like it was "done" looks like it ARRIVED or LANDED. :)

    See you next week in Vienna, VA! What a nice way to start the first week off of school.

    Mrs. "No Bugatti" Minivan :(

  5. It does look like it landed...those are cool aliens.

    I'm about to fly to NY to visit family and drive to the SOR fest...heh heh :-)