Thursday, June 14, 2007

quick bytes...

this morning I'm learning starman by david bowie.
once a month an ever-changing group of musicians
and guests artists called the long players
perform an entire classic "album".
headed up by my friend Bill Lloyd,
I've been asked to be part of this month's entree:
ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars
which we will perform faithfully friday night, june 15
at the Mercy Lounge.

get ready for some hazy cosmic jive.

then on monday the trio has it's day of rehearsal
in time for our nashville debut tuesday night
at the Mercy Lounge.
and we'll be off to a city near you (hopefully).

start spreadin' the news...


  1. That would be cool to see Adrian. I would especially like to hear your version of the Moonage Daydream guitar solo.

  2. Adrian Belew said: "start spreadin' the news..."

    Cindy said: "will do..."

  3. let all the children boogie...

    hey adrian, did you ever get a chance to play your stellar "buy that face" for DB? that was my favorite...
    what was his reaction?

  4. Hey Adrian, looking forward to seeing you at the SOR festival on 6/24. I'm taking my son who plays guitar and digs your stuff. Jack is 9 yrs old and we are thinking of enrolling him in the SOR. He is currently studying classical and I’m on the fence about pulling him out of Classical studies. Any advice?

  5. faithnkc:
    never did play it for him.
    the original "demo" version is an upcoming download.

    what style of guitar playing is he passionate about? classical? rock?
    my advice would be to guide him towards the thing he loves most. whatever that may be, if he loves it, he'll do better at it.

  6. Adrian....yea...i'm watching for the passion. So far he is favoring the Beatles (has seen Ringo live twice, Fab Faux), has included Beatle tunes in his past few recitals but has not resisted the classical stuff either. I will guide him to twards the things he likes better. Thanks for the advice.

  7. Pretty cool, Adrian. I was in a band that covered the entire Oranges and Lemons album by XTC.

    See ya in Vienna, VA. (Can I buy ya dinner? ... Rob has my email.)

  8. I've always wanted to catch a Long Players of these days.
    I've met Bill Lloyd a time or two, really nice fellow.
    I saw a rare tour of Bill, John Cowan ( Newgrass Revival ) and Rusty Young ( Poco ) known as The Sky Kings. The band originally included Patrick Simmons of Doobies fame but he had dropped out by this point.
    Thye had two records in the can, neither were ever released.
    ( until Rhino Handmade issued a limited run of the material from one of those albums )
    The labels were pushing them to lean more commercial country then I think they wanted to be anyway.
    Too bad, such a talented line up, they could have put out some really good stuff if left to their own devices.

    Sorry I missed the Ziggy show...