Thursday, June 7, 2007

work in progress, stage two...

made a mess of one of the guitars but learned a valuable lesson:
one a a time.
one is likely all I'll have time for now anyway.


  1. Hi Adrian, i'm writing you from Argentina... well, tonight i'm going to Fripp's show (soundscapes/crafty guitarists)... right now i'm listening to Crimson's Argentina bootleg b'boom...
    Anyway, i'm only 21 years old, not an aged follower, the fact is i knew crimson 4 years ago... but believe me i enjoy your music (solo and crimson's) at the same level any 50 years old fan could... i love your music... i'm a musician too, and sometimes i wonder: you must be one of the greatest rock guitarrists and songwriters since the last 30 years... i mean, how come you're not being WORLD WIDE known? i know you are, but come on! You broke new guitar limits, your songs are extraordinary, for example, pieces like the indian 'Fly', pop-progressive 'Adidas in heat', or even the sentimental 'Dream life' (this song brakes me to tears), etc etc and just few are noticed about it... to me you are at the same level as Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins (the brain and the heart). Then i come back to my thoughts and conclude that maybe you never wanted to be exposed to FAME (strange creature isn't it?), and that makes me easier to understand... Always thought about this (we also discuss it between my band mates)... but i still stand straight when i say WE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO APPRECIATE (and i mean EVERY human being in this World)...
    You're a great Inspiration to me, and perhaps if everyone gets just a small glimps of your music then new bands could try harder... let's face there's a lot of crap 'round the charts...

    Thanks to your parents who gave you birth, and thank you for your great music.

    Please come and play in Argentina again... we are all waiting for you...

    Regards, and sorry for my poor english,

  2. stefano,
    thanks for your kind remarks. I would love to return to argentina someday.

    as far as FAME goes,
    don't worry, as long as there are people like you in the world, I'll be just fine.

  3. This is so weird and cool, about 3-4 months ago I picked up a showmaster at a pawn shop because I thought it was kind of cool and unique with the set neck and single pick up and volume knob. It's cool/weird that my favorite guitar player also snagged the same guitar/s! If you need another one for an art projeckt adrian I'll let you work on mine.

  4. kevin:
    I appreciate the irony.

    as far as your offer,
    how much do you pay per hour?

    I can whip one of these out quick if I need to.