Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A 4 Million Dollar Automobile...

earlier today I touched a $4,000,000.00 car.
it was on a special transport truck being delivered to its owner in florida.
Mr. Collier is in fact a famous car collector.
I've seen pictures of some of his collection.
the car was a vintage 1930's Bugatti.
if it were restored it would fetch twice the price.

I sold my first "vintage" car today to a dealer in florida.
it was worth about the price of a chevy.
I parked it inside the huge transport truck,
right behind Mr. Collier's 4 million dollar Bugatti.


  1. OK Adrian -
    I think the time has come to fill us all in on your 'secret' passion for classic cars..... :-)
    Please tell us all about your 'vintage' car you just sold.... :-)

    I regretfully acknowledge my lack of knowledge regarding the topic - but I find it incredulous that an 'unrestored' albeit incredibly vintage car sold for $4M !!!!!!!

    Please remedy my lack, and explain.....:-)


  2. I had a great unkle in New Brunswick that collected cars. The last time I visited him before he passed on, he had a beautiful Cord convertable (one of only 2 left in the world), a Jeep Thing, a Delorian (with gull wings), A Model T, a Model A, and a pink Cadillac that Elvis bought (I saw the registration with Elvis' signature). He was constantly trading cars. I assume that the collecting gets obsessive.
    This uncle also hung out with Nashville country singers, and Hank Snow would atay at his place whenever he was passing through. He had a nice 69 Stratocaster.
    He was a cool guy.

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  4. adrian,
    I would have loved to have been in your shoes, er, fingers, I hope you did not have any paint from your project guitar on your fingers...talk about an expensive finger painting!

  5. Bugatti picture sheet

    Don't have time for two comments, so – off subject, ... the guitar looks great! So far ... can't wait to see it with a new set o' strings.

  6. Leave the cars to the waste dump Ade, we're choking on our fumes, whether it's warming us up or not. The bones we're digging have become fossil fuels.

    Oil is for bicycle chains, so I hope to hear you pedaling in a town near me.

  7. I like boats personally. I can't wait to buy a vintage Cris Craft someday.

    Completely off topic...if anyone wants to hear a blistering version of Thela Hun Ginjeet check out Les Claypool's tour. His cover got the biggest audience response up to that point of the show.

  8. Thanks for those pics C! Some beautiful cars those were.

    I'll sell you my car--you could call it vintage if you like ('96)--for a FRACTION of that price! Did I tell you it comes with a free set of Ginsu knives?

  9. Hey Adrian
    Come on back to South Bend, IN next week and join in on the Studebaker fun.

  10. would this have been a porsche spyder replica? Guessin hard. Seems to be the name of the game:)
    Or a Mercedes type a thing?
    More car songs puhleeeeaaaaaaze?
    guitar is lookin beautiful!

  11. This has nothing to do with cars, or this post, but I think it's something you all would like to know: Poachers kill one of last two white rhinos in Zambia

  12. Wow, $4 million...I suppose at that point, the money is secondary--it's all about the car. I would be too nervous to be responsible for a car like that.

    Many years ago I bought myself an antique car book, and I remember the two most beautiful were the Bugatti Royale, and some model of Duesenberg. For years, a Duesenberg held the record for auction price. Have no idea which make holds that claim now. I'm quite sure it's not a Dodge Grand Caravan.

    That is pretty darned exciting to see a Bugatti in person. Don't come near it with any of your spray paint and masking tape.

  13. wow 4mil. my grandfather owned a 1930 mercedes, (http://terra-nullius.livejournal.com/28947.html) which he sold in the 60's for about 10k in todays money, the very same car sold in '96 for 2.7mil (aud), at the time the highest price for a car in australia. so i guess the lesson is don't sell anything! (except those guitars i want one of those!) love to see more art and or car posts...

  14. belewbloggfan and kelly:
    I plan to unleash my interest in the aesthetics of the automobile later this year when my schedule allows more time for blogness.

    the car I sold was a rare mercedes replica of a 300 SL roadster, my favorite body style ever put on a car.

    davidly: give me a chance this fall to bend your ear (and mind) about
    WHY I love vintage cars and then give it some thought.
    in the meantime I'll leave it at this:
    if picasso paintings were suddenly found to contain a pollutant dangerous to mankind would we destroy them? I think we would put our great minds to finding solutions instead.
    to me, some automobiles are nothing less than a picasso: rolling sculptures of beauty which deserve our care and preservation.

    just a thought.