Monday, June 25, 2007

She Left Me

she left me
volume 3 no. 7
left and right right and wrong wrong and left and left and gone, she left me she left me

there was talk of an extended play of 4 new bears songs.
a 4-song EP.
this came on the heels of the bears'
second record rise and shine.
we were happy to oblige.
the bears went into the studio on an off day to record a quick throw-together called she left me.
with an intended stones vibe,
and minimal lyrics.
some friends were there in the studio area and they wanted to come in and listen, so we decided to make it a live in the studio cut. vocals and guitars, bass, and drums all at once.
engineers lose sleep over these kind of requests, but rich and newbie assistant Dave Kent were un-phased. it was easy and fun, done in a couple of takes.

then of course, the record label folded.
so this song was never released.

guitar and vocal: rob fetters
bass guitar: bob nyswonger

drums: chris arduser

guitar and vocal: adrian
engineer: rich denhart
assistant: dave kent
recorded live at Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, Wis. on august 18, 1987
length: 4:52


  1. WOW - what a great concept - live in the studio! I loved the feel of this download... what a shame the label folded - I would have paid $'s for just such an EP in a heartbeat... I wondered why this song wasn't used by The Bears - seemed like a worthy album contribution to me :-D
    Thanks for sharing it with us Ade.

    Now if I could just get my hands on a CD copy of the very first Bears album I would be one very happy belewbloggfan :-D

  2. THAT WAS GOOD! If my butt weren't pasted so firmly in this chair, I would have been dancing. Gravity wins again...

    Yup, I can clearly hear the Stones there.

    What else ya got?

  3. Wow, this is by far the rockingest Bears cut I've ever heard! Very loose and cool. I'm a bit heartbroken that the EP never came to be.

    Trivial side note: the "left and right..." lyric line quoted at the top of this blog entry was later used by Fetters in his original version of the song Try (music co-written by Belew), as performed by psychodots when it was just referred to as "Rob's New Song." He later changed the line to "I thought she'd stay but I was wrong / She left a note, it wasn't long" - interesting to know where the original came from.

  4. hi Adrian, i meet you on this day(june 25) on the bb king s lobby at new york city ... i was there with my wife and i am from costa rica, i just want to say thank you very very much for the inspiration. that day was a miracle for me ... thank you again. good luck