Wednesday, June 6, 2007

works in progress...

last year I purchased this pair of Fender Showmaster guitars.
I had in mind to paint them and sell them
as art to the highest bidders.
last night I finally began the process.
they are nice guitars (I played one of them for a week or so)
if somewhat spartan. one pickup. one knob.
that's what I like about them.

we are so busy here preparing for the upcoming touring,
especially the japanese leg which requires
enough paperwork to choke an elephant.
but hopefully my night times leisure hours HA!
may allow me to continue the work in progress.
if so I plan to make a photo record of the process
which I will share here from time to time.

that is if I have the time.


  1. Speaking of the tour, any changes in the songs you'll be playing?

  2. s w e e t !!!

    make sure you give us some notice this time, before you list them on ebay Adrian....
    I don't want to miss out on the opportunity to put my bid in!

    Any word yet on a possible West Coast Leg of your upcoming U.S ABPT Tour? I'm seriously investigating the possibility of tacking on a mini West Coast Canada (Vancouver/Vancouver Island)leg onto your tour dates....what do ya think? ;-)
    Otherwise I'm gonna have to start hitchhiking across Canada to Quebec to see you this summer ;-(
    (It would probably be cheaper to fly to Japan to catch a gig there!)

    :-) wendy ;-)

  3. Hey, I wouldn't mind one of those guitartworks myself.

    How much for shipping to Australia Adrian? And can I pay you in bananas?