Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Denems

this promo shot is the first I have
of me holding a guitar.
on the left up in the tree,
the guy with all the hair, that's me.
I didn't yet know how to play a guitar,
but I knew how to hold one.
to the right of me is
robbie workman (looking up)
dave behle (looking far way)
and terry dalhover (seated with guitar).
this shot was taken
in the summer of 1966 in richmond, ky.


  1. That is one bizarre stand of trees. Perfect for a group shot.

    Sycamores, looks like. Shoot, we don't get young men growing on our sycamores 'round these parts. Dang.

  2. Compare to the group photo on page 75 of the latest issue of Guitar Player . . .

  3. Little did you know what was in store for you ...

    Very cool.

  4. Hey Ade. please tell me any anecdote about your work with Caifanes/Jaguares here in Mexico.

    If you have any picture, don't forget upload it.Ok?
    come on man, I know you have great stories, you always have.

    Have a very nice week.