Sunday, July 1, 2007


even though I have 28 more years to live (more on that later) it doesn't hurt to stop and say thanks along the way. so... thanks to robin, gary, eric, and julie slick who have made a personal dream come true. thanks to john sinks, biff blufumgagne, his wife debra, and saul zonana
for making these last few tours heaven. thanks to our agent joshua knight and all the people at monterey international who make these tours happen. thanks to rob murphree for all his dedication and to all of you fans who make this worthwhile. thanks to rob, bob, and chris for a smokin' midwest tour and the best bears yet; I'm proud of us. thanks to robert fripp and all things krimson for an honorable legacy still being written. and thanks to my family for putting up with this controlled chaos and especially to my wife, my partner, and best friend martha.

there are others to thank of course, but these comprise my close musical family and the people who make it work.


  1. Thank you for all your hard work and your beautiful music!!!

  2. This is going to sound corny, but Thank You Adrian. I've been a fan of yours since I was 19 - yikes, it's been 13 years - and I'm still so glad I discovered your music. I look forward to every new album and concert.

    My husband and I have a few bands that we follow around, and you all make me very happy. My life wouldn't be the same without all this music to be a fan of.


  3. WE---THE SLICKS---THANK YOU----never did i expect to have friends//family like this--you/the whole belew/crew/family are truly wonderful------gary-

  4. I just want to know... NEED to know...

    Where'd you get the stool?

  5. finesmallstorm:
    ahhh...the stool.
    it's called the swopper,
    designed by henner jahns.
    mine cost $350 when they first came out. now they average around $600.
    it trains your lower back muscles as you use it. great for prolonged sitting.
    a good thing to google.
    while you're at it check out the trikke 8, an amazing new way to exercise while you travel.

  6. Adrian, do you have a trikke? They look very interesting. Looks like it'd give your legs a good workout. I saw an ad on tv a few months ago and checked them out then, but didn't buy one. Is is fun?

  7. fishhead:
    no, I don't have one, there isn't a dealer close enough to try one.

    but I'm thinking about it.

  8. thank you very much for all the music that you've shared w/ us. :)
    i can't even find the words to describe my appreciation.

    God bless you,