Friday, July 6, 2007

somebody is diggin' my bones...

here are the dinosaur bones.
the top two are leg bones.
in the middle is a tooth of some sort.
and the rectangular piece at the bottom
contains the elbow joint of a flying dinosaur called
pterodaustro guinezui
which is the only known flying dinosaur
to employ the same straining mechanism
in its mouth for catching brill like whales do.


  1. I think this is what landed on your table outside.

    The closest thing we have is an empty lobster tail shell from last Sunday night's visit to Red Lobster. My kid couldn't part with it. So now it's sitting on the t.v.

    I have GOT to get me some paleontologist friends. You lucky man!

  2. "...fossilized photos of my life then, illustrate what an easy prey i must have been standing in the sun, idiot savant something like a monument...
    i'm a dinosaur!!!!
    somebody is digging my bones..."

  3. I just dig this stuff. Thanks for the pics and brief lesson. I never heard of a pterodaustro guinezui. I need to look that one up.

  4. Once at a folk music festival I saw a man with a "Discipline" style knot on his front license plate and plastic dinosaurs glued all around the interior of the car.

    My brother-in-law asked him if he possibly worked for you or KC, or was just a big fan.

    "Nope, haven't heard of them. I'm just hear for the Celtic music and I like dinosaurs!"

  5. I did not know all of that. Thank you for advising us on pterodaustro guinezui. My Daughter was really into dinosaurs at one time and taught me a lot about them. We never got to this one. Thank you again! Tamra Victoria Coke