Monday, July 9, 2007

Phone Call From The Moon (instrumental version)

phone call from the moon
(instrumental version)
volume 3 number 12

the story behind this track is a bit different from all the tracks who simply weren't done in time. phone call was finished, words and all, in time to be included on mr. music head. except for one thing. I was very uncomfortable with the speaking parts of the lyric. I loved the idea of the lyric: a lonely person on the moon looking back at the earth while talking in a lunar phone booth, but I didn't feel the words I had written felt natural enough. like something you might really say in such an odd circumstance. so I put phone call away. and it might have stayed on the shelf but for the urgings of rich and dan, the other two-thirds of my recording team. the following year when we began work on the young lions record they persuaded me to try to write new words for phone call. thanks rich and dan.
so here is the way it sounded when I began writing the words a second time.

string bass: mike barnett
drums, guitar: adrian
engineer: rich denhart
assistant: dan harjung
recorded at Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, Wis. on july 6, 1988
length: 3:39


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  2. This is irony at its best! This is one of my personal favorites of Adrians and it comes with a great story.
    About ten years ago one of my brothers and I drove from Indy to cincy to see Adrian play at a small theater in the north part of town. Just a solo show, no band, I believe Irresponsibles opened. During the show Adrian was taking requests, people were requesting things that he was not really set up to do and he said so. It got really quiet for a moment so I yelled out PHONE CALL FROM THE MOON! Adrian seemed to be taken by surprise and said he would try but wasn't sure he could remember all of it. He got through about half and said sorry for not being able to finish. I was just happy he actually did this for me!! We decided to hang out after the show as Adrian was signing things. So I bought a poster and got in line. When I got my chance I thanked him for playing that for me. He lit up and told me he never played that live before and apologized again. I always kind of thought (and hoped) I made an impression with that moment. It was great for me.

    So today is my birthday and I log on to see his latest musings and BOOM! Heres that song! Thanks again Adrian for a great memory!

  3. My experience is similar to dlam67's:

    It was the same tour, but in Chicago, which was my home at the time. He was wearing his steel, and the light was reflecting off the guitar to spots in the audience. My girlfriend screamed out, 'Phone call from the moon!' and I'd swear that he pointed the spot right on her. We were both wearing our nerd glasses at the time, which made us feel even more like, well, nerds.

    Needless to say, Adrian played it. It was special to me, but especially special to her because of a time we were far away from one another, and Young Lions was one of the cds I lent her. I'd since put part of it on my answering machine. It is a classic. You have many of them. Thanks.

  4. Speaking of spoken lyrics, I now have twice overheard a commercial aired on my kids' Saturday morning cartoons that sounds remarkably (hah, if not illegally) like Elephant Talk. It certainly caught my attention.

    So tune in and listen for one of the YoGos commercials. It's one of those kid foodstuffs that's made with the otherwise healthy ingredients of yogurt and fruit, minus all the actual nutrition.

    Phone Call From the Moon...that lazy tempo just says utter boredom and loneliness. The song title alone gets you thinking.

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  7. Hello Ade, I have great news!!!!

    I have finished the first preview of my first album. I really need you heard it, please tell me where I can send you a copy, you got to hear it, I know is difficult to you, but You will enjoy it, I promess you.

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    Album name: ETERNA LUZ
    Track list in five chapters:

    I.Primera luz
    b)Desde el umbral
    c)Danza azul

    II.Eterna melodia
    b)Viaje al interior de las almas
    c)Cántico real
    d)Pasos sobre el puente

    III.Un poco de eternidad
    b)Danza blanca
    d)Mundo de Cristal

    IV.El corazon de la muerte
    a)Danza final

    V.Eterna luz
    b)Fin del sueño
    c)Luz temporal

    Titles in english:
    (The lyrics are only in spanish, but this traslatión is just to you understand and have an idea of the themes)

    I.Frist light
    b)From the gate
    c)Blue dance

    II.Eternal melody
    b)Journy to the interior of the souls
    c)Real song
    d)Steps on the bridge

    III.A litlle bit of eternity
    b)White dance
    d)Cristal's world

    IV.The heart of the death
    a)Final dance

    V.Eternal light
    a)Good bye
    b)End of the dream
    c)Temporal light

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