Friday, July 6, 2007

and then just last night...

I was out in the backyard by the fire pit
when I heard an enormous buzzing sound,
turned around and on the table there was this huge...

eh, just kidding.


  1. Let's hope it doesn't carry West Nile Virus.

    Or that it doesn't carry off housecats.


  2. nothing ta do with nothing but i've been out travelling the last month and just caught up with my favorite site...and there was your life a nutshell...thanks adrian...i've seen you play with zappa, bowie, talking heads, the bears and of course king brings me chills...i've been blessed. now get back to work ;-)

  3. Thanks for FLY. The song, not this picture. I have to get inside a metal jet tomorrow and the words + guitar lines are calming. I think. Great song.

  4. Hey Ade I need to ask you something, I hope you can give me an answer:

    I really need hear the new Krimson "team" (Fripp,Belew,Levin,Mastelotto), is like a drug... I have an adiction... really serious adiction with KC.

    Is there any Krimson plan in the future?
    new album? new tour?
    Or we are before the end of the Crimson King?

    I miss KC :(

  5. Now THAT is Funny! Tamra Victoria Coke