Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Birthmark

happy birthmark
volume 4 number 3

here's another ripe upbeat quasi-moderato rocker
employing the neglected
rock chord sequence
F C#7 F A#m Am.
with flagrant overtones of early kinks guitar solos and white-era beatle
(hence the name)
mingled with a direct quote from jet of all things
and a quiet nod to Roy's
pretty woman
left in the dust from the making of the ill-timed and underrated
inner revolution
excellent fodder for a screaming vocal which never materialized*.

happy birthday, america.
the barbecue and the fireworks.

*this one has smarties contest written all over it.

bass, drums, piano, guitar: adrian
engineer: rich denhart

assistant: dan harjung

recorded at Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, Wis. on june 1, 1991
length: 2:51


  1. "ill-timed and underrated
    inner revolution"

    Wow! There must be some story behind that comment.

    The "Young Lions" / "Inner Revolution" / "Here" period is my favorite solo Belew period. Its that pop/power pop stuff that I like so much.

  2. divxz:
    the "ill-timed" part refers to Atlantic Record's decision to "clean house" by letting go of employees and 30 artists at exactly the time I had finished inner revolution and put it in their hands.
    I was one of the 30 on the chopping block, so inner revolution received nothing in the way of promotion or exposure. the record was quietly serviced and then dropped.
    which is probably why it's "underrated": not many people know it exists!

  3. Hey is a very interesting chord combination, I did some combination as:

    Ebm - Cm - Abm
    and a reprise
    Ebm - Cm - B...
    I need finish my records to send you a copy. I hope someday you hear my music.

    Buenos dias amigo.

  4. Understood. I love "inner revolution" I even wrote a freshman college paper on the title track (and subsequently sent the paper to you, Adrian). You were very kind to write back.

  5. This song will be available for download soon. The store script got "hacked" over the weekend and we are working to fix it. I will post here when the store is back up and running. I promise! Don't worry. It only affected how the store works. Not the personal data.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  6. Adrian-
    I agree with divxz.

    "Inner Revolution" is some of my favorite music by any artist.

    I can't tell you how encouraging it was when I first heard it to have someone sing to me "Your life is sacred..." with such passion, such earnestness.

    Thank you for that.


  7. Just while jogging yesterday, I listened to "Inner Revolution". Yes, underrated. Furthermore, "Here" is monumental. That record made quite an impact on influencing not just myself, many around me. Only one who can make Jimmy Page recoil in horror could create such mastery. Ade is a master arranger. I have recorded with a master arranger, a friend of mine, Steve. Always a pleasure to see a genius at work. I took a tour of Royal Recorders and I'll never forget the engineer on hand that day played "Holy" by Oldfield. I had never heard it until that day. He turned it way up. Wow. The engineer talked about sitting behind the glass watching Ade make a few records as well as talking about another infamous individual from some other band,with behavioral issues destroy a rare telefunken microphone at the studio. Great stuff.
    Great records recorded there. Can't wait for side four and for the 2009 Krim tour.I am one of many of Ade's biggest fans on the planet.

  8. Dear Adrian,

    I just want to add my thanks for Inner Revolution. Less fancy than the previous "Young Lions" it grew slowly on me; but it continues to grow to this day. Whenever I need a little boost of fortitude I put in Inner Revolution. I can do it!
    Thanks Ade!

    Bob Mallis
    Boston MA