Sunday, July 1, 2007

At The Top Of The Hope Nots

as a parent of course at the top of my "hope not" list would be anything negative to do with my children. nothing matters as much as their safety and happiness.
the same would be true for martha.

she is the center of our tiny empire.
she does everything but the music.
all the things I cannot do.
I shudder to think how easily it would crumble without her.
there would be no power trio, no bears, no new krimson.
and only half of me.

thanks sweetheart.


  1. Ok - now I'm gonna cry.....

    Martha - an exceptional woman.... we are so thankful that you both found each other on this worldly plane.... you both make beautiful magic and music together....may you both continue to love, honour and cherish each other for the next 28 years.....

    And may I say that Martha is very fortunate to share her life with you Ade....

    It seems that you have been involved in a little 'self-examination' these past few days since returning from your latest incredible tour can be evidenced from your last 3 blogs. More evidence of the beautiful person you are Adrian.... many would get a big head from such success - but as expected, not you.... not by a long shot. You realise that all this comes together with the assistance from those around you, who raise you up and allow you to share your incredible brilliance with the rest of us. And you are humbly thankful, and as a result, direct credit where credit is due.

    May I take this moment to sincerely thank you for all of the 'chaos' you endure, the endless hours of working and tweaking to get it just perfect, the time you spend sharing your 'self' with us via this blog, and the superb aural buffet you provide us so willingly and joyfully. You are the quintessential musician - and my 2 dearest wishes are that you fully achieve the respect and success you so rightly deserve, and that you may keep thrilling us for the next 28 years!

  2. since the first time I listened krimson's music I felt that is could be a wonderful experience to my life as musician, and sadly I look that in Mexico the people don't have "good taste" for music, people don't use to listen music, don't make music (only makes comercial music to torn every one to zombie), I really want to live in a place where the music has an important value, but I promise I will change this situation, I will show who funny and wonderful is to improvise.
    that is the reason I insist that musicians like you came to Mexico, to show us that the comercial music is just for have money, but the music maked with sincerity is most special.

    Why the best music don't came to Mexico?
    Because the people here i just thinking about football, T.V., eat tacos, work just for have money, and fight with the other mexicans that thinks different.

    While you're saying Thanks to all the people that makes music with you, my frends and I want to say yuo Thank you for make this wonderful music and teach us to use all those musical resurces that you use like the Whole tone scale, the octatonic scale, the irregular mesures, to make sing, cry and scream a guitar with this intenssive, expressive way you do. Also thanks for show us another side of the art with out sex,drugs and rock and roll (the music is more than that).

    We really nave good time listening and traying to play some phrases of your music.

    PS... and I'm sorry for insist but:
    Please came to Mexico !!!!

    Buena semana Amigo!!!!

  3. I think:

    *The family is the center of our Will.
    *Our Will is the center of our action.
    *Our actions are the bricks that builds the walls of our future.
    *The walls supports our palace
    *Our palace is our soul.

    Your family is the motion for your soul... enjoy the music but never forget enjoy your children and your wife... they are your fans#1
    and I'm the #2 he,he,he.

    Good night friend.

  4. only one other----that's my ROBIN-
    I WHOLLY AGREE--gary

  5. Marthadrian. Nairdahtram. Nice.

    I love my wife too. I know it's cliche, but I'm more attracted to her every new day. Didn't think that was possible in my youth. Being in a strong, loving relationship is the greatest work one can do.

    Blah, blah ... we have a running joke (decade +) that I can't do the dishes because it would soften my finger tip callouses.

    Thanks again for the Belog.
    It's uplifting and inspiring.
    Not just for the music.