Sunday, July 8, 2007

when I'm 85.5....

on december 23, 2006 I went from being 56 to being 57 years old.
funny how that happens all in one day. stranger yet, I had the feeling at the time
something more significant changed. I felt like the first two-thirds of my life
were over and I had entered into my final third.
in other words I have 28 years to live.meaning I'll die at age 85.5.
at first a grim thought, but you have to die sooner or later,it's the deal you make with life. furthermore, my entire artistic legacy for what it's worth has been created in less than 28 years. imagine what could happen with 28 more.


  1. I haven't commented lately, but have been reading. Thanks for all the great posts. My birthday is 22 december, and I like numbers too. (been pondering the Adrian Belew math teaser). 28 years should be plenty of time to make heaps of great music. BTW, I quite like "happy birthmark," nice chord change!

  2. Snappy Dresser!!!
    Be sure to wear that suit next time you play Santa Cruz. Is that a snap-on tie, or the real deal?

  3. Adrian,

    If all people lived each day as their last day, many things would change like how we treat each other, our kindness, things we say and do- compassion. The point is no matter how you look at it, we all have to use our time wisely and do the most we can each and every day. If we all thought the way you are feeling now, I think we would all do greater things with our lives.
    I don’t see this post as depressing or negative, but more valiant and positive. I would only dream to have played guitar like you and been all the places you have been. You have already inspired so many and when you think about it, you do have lots of time left- it all depends what you do with it.


  4. You're nine years older than me.

  5. Good news Adrian! You will live 1.5 years past the age 84. On your 57th birthday, you felt like the first two-thirds of your life were over. Doing some basic algebra:

    2/3 X = 57
    X = 57 * 3/2
    X = 85.5

    You will live to be 85.5 years old! Please use this time for an extra album plus tour :)

  6. Ah. I had no idea you were a Capricorn. Now it all makes sense. As I am one too. And being born so close to Christmas has its draw backs; those combo presents and cards.

    So then the math. I have been listening to you make music since I was 17 (1981)which is 26 years so if you die at 84 that means I'll have listened to you for 54 years and I'll be 72 that means I won't be far behind so I can continue to listen to you make music in the next world however that works.

    But why 84? Why not 92?

  7. Age, something we have to deal with. Your artistic legacy brings tears to my eyes so far. I can only imagine what you will do with 28 more years! You really listen for the music, as I do, in everything around you! Thank you for taking your time when you create and then for sharing with us! Tamra Victoria Coke

  8. Just make sure you grow, change, learn and listen as much in your "final" 28 years as you did in your "first" 28 years. I think I remember the lyrics to a Tim McGraw song that said something like "Live Like You Were Dying"...
    If you do that you will live for today AND tomorrow....I myself plan on making it to 106+ since my grandfather made it until 2 months shy of 106! He was 70 when I was born and he died when I was 36!
    His secret and mantra...
    "Don't Worry Be Happy!!" and cook with lard, smoke and drink in moderation!! Having 9 children to take care of him didn't hurt either!!