Monday, July 16, 2007

Japanese Fan Dance

japanese fan dance
volume 2 number 13

as this week's download is released I should be in tokyo.
I have always loved japan for its aesthetic, its ancient culture,
philosophies, and the dazzle of the modern japanese sense of style.
I began going to japan in 1979 with david bowie. this will be my 13th visit.

in 1984, having made two solo records of "pop" music I wanted to create
music from a different era. modern classical/ethnic music made with modern
instrumentation. in particular the guitar synthesizer. my aim was to write
cinematic pieces which resembled orchestral music but were performed on
guitar. the result was desire caught by the tail.
the latest guitar synthe, the Roland GR-700 had arrived on my doorstep
and was giving me hours of excitement. mine came with a manual in japanese,
which meant I had to figure it out for myself. maybe that's why I created such
a unique palette of sounds. I even figured out how to make the GR-700 play itself!
it remains my favorite of all the guitar synthesizers.
japanese fan dance would eventually become the track called
beach creatures dancing like cranes
the painting of beach creatures adorns the back cover of side one.

log drum, fretless guitar synthesizer: adrian
recorded at home in Urbana, Ill. on december 6, 1984
length: 3:32


  1. Ahhh, the Roland GR-700... what a machine. Somedays, no matter what you do it feels like it's off doing it's own thing. I wouldn't part with mine now.

    Ever try the Korg Z3 ?

  2. mmm synth. Adrian, i'm curious about which guitar controller you used with the gr-700? the stock g-707 or something different/better?, thanks!

  3. Hey, we missed you Ade!

    Japanesse cultures are very interesting, I hope one day walk on this beautiful estetic, I know why the japanesse people love Belew's music.

    What you have think's about I told you at last comment?
    Do you accept that I send to you a CD copy of my first EP?

    I hope it doesn't disturb you amigo.
    You have my e-mail

  4. Hey Adrian,

    If you're checking in from the road, just wanted to say that I hope you guys are having a blast in Japan, and we're looking forward to hearing whatever you have to say next when you get a chance! (In other words, don't feel like you're not missed around here...)

    Also, thumbs up on the rumors of a West Coast swing for the fall, 'cause the only better thing than reading your words is hearing you play :)

  5. Hello Adrian

    I am Stig who attended your 2nd set at opening night of the Blue Note Tokyo concert (the guy who makes cartridges for playing vinyl records).....

    I had a totally fun night listening to you and your compatriot musicians. GREAT SHOW & GREAT MUSIC!

    It was also great talking to you after the set.

    I hope to make it to another session before you wrap up on Sunday night. First time in a very long time I felt a performance good enough to want to visit twice (in a week).....

    Maybe I will follow your advice of bringing along someone I DON'T KNOW!

    Keep up the good work. We are all getting older, but I am sure you will go out with a BIG BANG! (when you're 84)


  6. Hi Ade!
    Just wanted to let you know that your sorely missed :-(
    Can't wait for you to get back home, so you can hopefully share with us your amazing stories of surviving Earthquakes, Typhoons, Equipment failures, Japanese restaurant delights(?) and other various touring catasrophies!

    I need my elephant-blog-fix!!!!!!

    Warmest wishes to all :-D