Sunday, December 2, 2007

Flyin' Fishheads!

if you have ordered your copy of side four (live) from StoreBelew rest assured it is now flying your way. following a late-week flurry of signing little round plastic discs and stuffing them into brown mailers (I feel like one of santa's elves) all the orders to date have been fulfilled and are winging their way to happy people, just in time for me to board a plane to trent reznor's home in beverly hills.

your comments are welcome (I hope), so feel free to post them right here.

the above painting fishhead was my fourth painting ever.
acrylic on canvas measuring 40" by 30", it was done july 26, 2002.


  1. Wow Adrian..."fishheads"...would you believe that word..then the SONG (Barnes & Barnes) popped into my head last night... so I ran off to iTunes and bought it--- love that song..then I see your blog today..too funny!

    Have a gnarly, distorted time at Trent's session!!

  2. They always said you'd be nothin' but a Fishhead... and look at you now!

  3. fourth painting--winds up as back-cover of sidefour-live--or side4-live---coincidence-???---anyway-hope you took copy of said c/d--to trent as gift---safe travelin'-

  4. Thanks for the cds! (earlier than promised)

    The art is really nice, really like the cover, design too.

    Hope to ingest the music today.

    Have fun on your journey.

  5. Lovin' Side Four. I've posted a slight review at:

    Talking about music is like whistlin' about chickens but I tried...

    Awesome ! The sonics are mind bending, kudos to all involved in the creation of another fine sonic waffer.