Saturday, December 22, 2007

vinyl thoughts...

this band can do anything it wants. a little madness or beat box guitar seem to be our forte but the songs like young lions or of bow and drum are every bit as important. bottom line:
I can't wait to do more. it will be interesting perhaps to release more live tracks in the future to watch how this trio of terror evolves.

which it already has.


  1. Sweet, bring on the evolution!

  2. Adrian, I caught you doing Young Lions at Southgate House on video, totally by accident (I was attempting to take a photo and didn't know movie mode was on!). The sound quality sucks as I was standing right in front of Eric's loud drummin' but the action is good.... ;-)

  3. Adrian,
    It's evolution baby, and it is wonderful! May I be the first to wish you a very joyeux anniversaire and joyeux fetes!! Have a happy and healthy.
    Peace on Earth

  4. Just my 2 cents here....

    Seeing the Adrian Belew Power Trio with Mike and Mike was a great show and a lot of fun. I enjoyed my evening a lot but it was obvious that the show was you. This is not at all a knock against those guys, they're both superb players. I'm just saying that when I saw that show, it was really a solo Adrian Belew show with a couple of very strong musicians backing him up.

    Seeing the Adrian Belew Power Trio with Eric and Julie Slick was a completely different kind of show. I saw a band that night, not a solo show with back up but a real band.

    The chemistry you three have together is really something special and I am SO excited about the idea of you three producing new music together! Bring it on indeed!

  5. i love the adrian belew power trio mark ii and cannot wait to see you in san francisco in february!

    happy birthday!

    gregory w. gillette
    aka: monty wolf

  6. Happy Birthday, Ade!

    I admire your honesty and integrity toward your own performance on Side 4. I was, of course, thrilled with it. Believe me, your worst day on guitar will sound 100 times better than my best day!

    This band is air tight, and an absolute wonder to listen to. Feel free to bring them to St. Louis. Something tells me The Duck Room would be glad to have you.

    Robert has a pretty cool download program going over at DGM, with board recordings of numerous shows throughout the years. I'm sure you know that.

    I was wondering if you might consider doing the same thing for your band? I'm sure it's impossible to get every great moment on a single CD.

    As opposed to "Dust," I think I'd call that concert series "Smoke." Because that's just what your band does.

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  8. Adrian,

    I'm happy to hear that your lyrics and vocals are not going to be forgotten. Beat Box Guitar and powerful instrumental tracks are excellent, but your pop songs, ballads and power pop tunes from records like Young Lions, Inner Revolution and Here are what tuned me into you in the first place.

  9. Sorry, but I still can't help wishing for the version of Future Vision with Mike & Mike,

  10. Let me just back up cirdecsongs1 in saying you would be well received any time you want to come to St Louis :) Happy Bday!

  11. Adrian, More Julie and Eric sounds sweet to me.

    Years ago when you talked about your musical vision of a power trio the best line up I could imagine would be you, Tony and Bill or perhaps Stewart Copeland. After hearing Side Four Live I have to believe no muscians could play this music better.

    I first became a fan of yours with Elephant Talk. One listen and I was hooked. I was big Bowie fan in the 70's and never realised that you were a big part of why I loved The Lodger so much. (Red Sails)

    I saw most every performance you played in the 80's in the SF Bay. Too many incredible memories. Did I dream it or was Purple Haze a Bears encore in Santa Clara.
    Please give the Slicks a try with Hendrix.

    A lot of the 90's Krimson was too tortured for me, but Dinosaur might be the best song you every wrote.

    Back this century, I proudly sported my Inner Revolution tshirt when I saw the Power Trio in Santa Cruz. I never posted a review out of loyalty; I didn't want to have to say how young Eric Slick blew the socks off my hero Adrian. You had pedal problems and I'm sure the brutal drive to Portland must have weighed heavy on you that night. The show still absolutely blew my mind, especially Beat Box/Madness. I had never heard any of the Sides before that and after the show I was standing there in disbelief saying "What was that?!!" The power that the trio reaches with those tunes is amazing. I am really glad you were able to capture it on Side Four Live, but seeing it in person was even better.

    I'm looking forward to new music at Slims in February. Perhaps a Power Trio take on the Momur. I am thinking of bringing my 10 year old homeschool son to the show but not sure if might be too intense.

    So Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks for all the great music. Greg

  12. Hi,

    Please use the following email for the Xmas eve show.

    I would like to ask you to please keep the following in mind before the Xmas eve show and send in questions and comments before and during the show as I will actually monitor email during the show and respond to it on the air (hows that for radio excitement?)

    Please consider

    1. The clues hidden in CD's regarding the possibility that Adrian Belew is actually Santa and share what you find.
    2. I don't think this would happen, but, given the widespread positive response to the side 4 cd, could the Adrian Belew Power Trio succumb to PCS (Phil Collin's Syndrome).
    3. If you have any dedications send them on in.
    4. If you have any requests send them on in.
    5. Shouldn't the Power Trio do an in-studio performance at WCOM the next time they are in Carrboro?
    6. Should Famous Jonny Mambo run for president to improve radio quality and shorten the work week?

    I love you,


  13. AB,

    Please let me know if you would like recording of "An Adrian Belew Xmas with Julie and Eric"...
    It was a blast to do (will do another all AB show again-just made it through a few cd's) and feeback indicates it was amusing...