Saturday, December 22, 2007

could it be?...

when I looked at the back cover and the painting of the fishhead it dawned on me:
I think the painting is upside down from the way I intended it!
fishhead, the painting, is the fourth painting I ever did way back in 2002 and I can't remember for certain which way it faced. as I walked through the studio last night I saw fishhead sitting in a pile of paintings propped up in a corner and it was upside down to the way it appears on the back cover. and I think that might be the way I painted it!
when you see the painting from that angle (see above) it looks as though the fish is more asleep than dead on a platter with flowers, which is what I intended. dead asleep as they say.

oh, well. you decide for yourselves.


  1. Many times, in history, mistakes end up being masterpieces.

  2. I thought The Exact same thing when I first opened the C D !!!
    It still Rocks though !!!
    I Love It !!
    Merry Christmas too You And Yours !!
    Travis ~~~
    Love Love Love ~~~~