Saturday, December 15, 2007

and so, and be whole...

dropping the faux fab british bit now,

the next 3 days would go this way:
arrive at the studio @ 10 am.
listen in the control room.
...small talk
about a certain track...

place headphones on
stretch out!!!

man, what FUN to play over these tracks! YOW!

once a day two things happen:
alan joins me for a 4-hand guitar freak out!
(alan adding freaky electronic modifiers
to the micro notes I'm wailing...)
I begin a new thought loop
which trent then adds to
and passes back to me to add to.
& so it goes.
pass after pass over track after track.
at 8 at night, it's time for me to leave.
I've been playing ten hours!
trent and crew stay behind to eat
and work deep into the Nght.

brett drives me down the winding snake roads
to Santa Etcetera Boulevard.
back to the Chamberlain.

time for dinner.....


  1. Ooh! The creative juices are running all over!

    Me wanna hear!

  2. Yeah!
    I second Kram's notion - I wanna hear too.....pleeeze ; )

    Pssst! Ade....can you give us a tiny morsel of inside info on what this Trentsville project is for? a new album, or movie soundtrack maybe.....? I promise I won't tell a soul ; D

    Sounds like you had a ball.... Can't wait for more snippets of life 'in the fast lane'.... ; )


  3. Santa Etcetera! Exactly about the size of it. Good one.

  4. There a brief snippet of you wailing away on Trent's site. Is that Alan with you?