Saturday, December 22, 2007

obvious things escape me...

that's why I was so taken back when, looking over the cover artwork and credits, I realized two big oversights!
oversight #1:
listening to the record it's obvious there is one person I should have thanked but did not.
Robert Fripp.
there are several moments on side four (live) which are nothing less than a tribute to my pal robert. so much of this music would not even exist if it were not for robert. I know robert sometimes reads these meanderings and if you happen to read this one pal, please accept my apology for leaving you out of the "thank you's" which should have included you.
doh! I'm an idiot.


  1. Friends understand and forgive.

  2. Robert Fripp played in Carrboro about a month before you played. He was with the League of Crafty Guitarists.
    It was like dying and being in Heaven. He projected a very peaceful personna.

  3. Ade, I had a thought on how you can make it up to Robert; release the Southgate version of Side 4 - call it Side 5 - Live Again, or some other more clever handle, and tthen you will have accomplished TWO things, namely giving Mr. Fripp the acknowledgement he is due, while also paying your debt to ME, as a fan who drove 1400 miles to be at the Southgate and attend what was supposed to be the venue for Side 4. BTW, any chance of finding out what happened with that? I have to say, I was kinda bummed about it when Side 4 was released.

    Regards, I dont know if you'll even see this, but I figured it was worth a shot...;-D

    pete franke