Thursday, December 13, 2007

congratulations (part one)...

15 years ago today martha married me in a beautiful sweet ceremony at Rose's Bed and Breakfast* in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in front of a group of 20 close friends and martha's mother (also a close friend). I'll never forget that day. it truly moved me. ohhhh my, the shenanigans and absurdities she has endured since! how does she do it?

congrats to me, I'm a lucky boy!

*owned and operated by our dear friends Steve and Kim Davidson.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    For some reason, I did not think you got married in 92, it's probably because when I saw Martha (at your show) in Oct. of 93 and she told me you two got married, I probably assumed it was in 93. Silly me, now I will have to remember that we were all married in the same year.

    Have a great day .

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  3. Congratulation Adrian and Martha!!

    It pleases me to no end that you found love (I know you know what I mean.) That's the thing I miss most since my husband passed. It's truly great that you get it Adrian. He got it too.

    *raises a toast* "To Love!"

  4. Indeed, to love! Congrats to you both. In one month and six days, my love and I will be marking our one year anniversary! Still giddy and on cloud 99!

  5. congrats to you both. I should be so lucky next time around :-)

  6. Aw,Happy Anniversary!

    You two are still wonder you glow around each other the way you do.

    Too bad Julie didn't know about this...she would have sent you a catered dinner!


  7. Congratulations to you and Martha.

    Adrian, you may be the luckiest man on Earth.

  8. busy season this time of year-for you folks--hope you two have many more---WOW--just think--robbi and i ---34 years-----you two have some catching up---to get there----
    but that's the fun part---ENJOY THE DAY--shame-philly is SO FAR AWAY--we'd take you//or better yet like robbi's said--JULIE COULD MAKE YOU TWO--A WONDERFUL MEAL---
    LOVE--gary and the slicks

  9. Congrats, Adrian and Martha!
    I know what you mean and am glad you're enjoying life so much.

  10. Happy Anniversary to you both! I'm glad to hear someone's drawning in a sea of love, that's what we all need. Like someone very dear to me said, Love is the answer.
    My best wishes for the happiest Christmas season to all the Belews!
    ... and thanks for your commitment with this blog, it's always a pleasure to read it, sure!
    Bettina from Tuscany

  11. Happy Anniversary! You're an inspiration!