Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Poor Eric...

our uberdrummer whiz kid just had his appendix ripped out at the roots by some terrible mean doctors in a cold starkly-lit hospital. bad appendix! he is now uncomfortable but safe in the womb of his family. I spoke with eric last night. he seemed pained and a bit slurry. but never fear, he has big doses of love from all over the world and julie's cooking to lift his spirits. I have no doubt he'll be in super-form come february when the fabumous power trio returns to stages everywhere! I suggest those who have it put on side four (live)* in eric's honor and send our thoughts of love and admiration to the ailing young pup.

get well soon eric. we love you.

*gary slick told me he put on side four in the operating room for the nurses and doctors to listen to while they operated on eric. gary said they loved it.


  1. "Of Bow and Drum" plays from my speakers as a get well wish...

  2. Get well soon, Eric! We haven't seen the power trio in St Louis yet!!!

  3. Ouch! I know the feeling as I had my gall bladder removed last Friday. Still in staples and enjoying Darvocet's while I sleep. Hopefully not for much longer.

    Mend well, Eric. See you guys in March.

  4. My wife is a nursing student. She has an anatomy book. I peeked at it and indeed it has an appendix and a spine.