Thursday, December 13, 2007

congratulations (part two)...

to martha and adrian's spiritual lovechild rob murphree for his continued success at making my career seem interesting. and thanks to rob's new cohort scott abernethy for all his help in providing all of us with a new baby website to ogle over. thanks guys, it looks great!


  1. Great job Rob. Thanks for all your time and years of HARD work. It has been tremendously useful in keeping me up to date with WorldBelew. Again, thanks.

    You are right Adrian. You DO have the BEST fans.

  2. Thanks Rob for all your tough work!
    I Love the new Site !!
    And Thanks Adrian for the CD Side Four !!
    It's Astonishing What You Do !!
    Happy Anniversary To You And That Precious Angel of yours Miss Martha !!
    All My Love ~~
    Travis Keese ~~
    In Nashville...

  3. Rob and Scott both rock. The site looks great. Scott also did Eric' site and is working on a killer cyber home for Julie as well.

    Rob, congratulations on all of your personal success and Scott, I know this is a dream come true for you.

    And Ade, he who hath just come back from Beverly Hills after a week with Trent Reznor and then has what, a month with the Trio of Terror and Delight on the road followed by the roar of Bobby and the Crimson Beast...what was that about "making your career seem interesting"?

    Ho, ho, ho


  4. The new site design is indeed awesome guyz, thanks !
    It's easy to navigate, frame by frame, or lack thereof, it is a joy to behold.
    I've got some Dust tracks to catch up on...

    Side Four is awesome as well, thanks to all involved. It's a sonic waffer for the ages.

    Lookin' forward to hearing tales of TrentLand.

    Happy Anniversary Adrian & Martha.


  5. I've "known" Rob (um, not in the Biblical way ... just through email) for, maybe, 10 years? We hooked-up (again, via email) long ago (and far away, in a different age) because of our mutual interest in Adrian's music. One of my highlights was a private email in which he told me (because I asked) what everyone ate for dinner at the restaurant near Nashville (was it Houston's?) when he first met you. (mmmm, steak)
    Thanks, Rob, and welcome Scott!

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