Friday, December 14, 2007

A Tale of Trentsville (part one)

so, lo and behold I boarded me one of them starships, like, set sail for Galleyfornia.
and there I was met at ye inport by a man in a black club car who took me to what looked to be Ngland.
called the Hotel Chamberlain.
"adrian belew
, is it?" the hotel manager said.
oh dear, you don't suppose they've mistaken me for a teabag.
(happens all the time with the name)
turns out it's a good thing, all the other patrons seem Ngl-ish.

it's a very comfy dorm. with a nice bistro. and a good night's rest.
in the morning I'm met by Alan Moulder, producer extraordinaire
and all round gentlemen englishman and scholar.

9:45: bright and cheerful we set off to Trentsville, somewhere in the hills eventually arriving at a modern sculpted white picture window bungalow with a stunning view of the windswept hills overlooking the city of tiny lights.
large wooden electronic gates open toward us.
first to greet me is the master of the house, Master Trent.
and a good bout of chit chat ensues. lovely man.
then I'm shown round the premises, including a breathtaking view
out back of the ocean and the perfect spot for a sunset.
the house is being remodeled with all manner of offal underfoot,
but the charm is undeniable.

the one room finished is naturally the studio.
beautifully done in dark curtains and computer screens.
no windows but the glowing lights of a hundred machines beat like the galaxy.

Master Trent has always kept an ingenue of experts.
first I meet a young american Brett, a man with a mission to please.
then Dustin, tall, and master of all things electronic.
if Dustin is the keeper of the incense.
Atticus (another englishman) is the keeper of the insane.
ingenious twists are his calling.
a computer magic performer, I enjoy watching him work.

StudioTrent is positively swimming in all the latest mechanized ballyhoo
as well as no shortage of vintage keyboards, stomp boxes, and by my count,
no fewer than 9 computer monitors.
there is at this time a small outer room
which warmly accommodates my widgets and the golden fly.
following generous support from Brett and Dustin
my set-up appears to be happy by about 11:00
and the rollicking fun begins.

to be continued...


  1. Hey Adrian,

    Robin Slick suggested I contact you. I have a new program on all volunteer, low power station in Carrboro/Chapel Hill, NC (right by the Cat's Cradle). Anyways, Robin sent me a promo of Side Four. The law limits me to play 3 tunes per artist over a 3 hour period unless I get the artist's permission to play more tunes. I would like to know what the maximum number of tunes you will allow me to play on a single show. I would love to play the whole thing, but, people tape my show. By the way this week I'm broadcasting from the Earth's core
    check it out

    By the way dude,I have been playing alot of your music because you have been one of my favorites for a long time!!

    My email is

    Peace Out,


  2. Adrian,
    Where does the phrase "sex sleep eat drink dream" come from?

    You are probably aware of the book with a similar title out now. Any connection?

  3. jonny:
    by all means, you have my permission to play my music 24/7 if you want.

    I made up the phrase "sex sleep eat drink dream" on my way to the studio in woodstock one day, then finished the lyrics as the day went on. no, I'm not aware of any book with a similar name. is it worth reading?

  4. Amazing Mr Belew !!!
    Kudos !! ~~~
    Travis ~

  5. Thank you Mr. Belew, the next time you and your posse play in Carrboro, you all are invited over for dinner. You are a big hit with the whole family.

    Peace out,


  6. Hi - re that book, it's on Amazon here, and the publisher's blurb is here . It's a science book about the human body, with the exact same title as your song, though the author doesn't acknowledge where it came from. I haven't read it myself, but the reviews are generally good.

  7. I read the book about 3 months ago after seeing a review in some magazine, and of course thought of you. She must have nicked the title from you! It's very illuminating... and you can be more interesting at holiday cocktail parties with the bits of obscure info you take away.