Saturday, December 15, 2007

trent's veranda...

can you spot the Coca-Cola in this picture?
it's mine...


  1. Funny, I started to look for it and my mouses hand was right on it.

    I'll have some Nonni's biscotti and a soy cappucino with four shots please.

  2. Your "find the coca-cola" game was pretty tough but I eventually found it.

    See if you win at my favorite game, Find the Spam!

  3. Those Candy Cane Joe Joe's are awesome. Make sure you have a few.

    Trader Joe's is gooooood.


  4. but who ate "the whoppers"-??
    looks like generic coke to me---
    not the "real thing"---is this
    "villa montalvo"-again-??

  5. At first, I was going to say it's the open can just to the left of the fruit try but it doesn't really look like a Coke can. So, I'm thinking, it's to the left of the Whoppers, kind of on its side, in the bowl?

    (May I have a Mrs. Fields cookie, please?)

  6. Yes! I can also spot the frosted mini wheats, my favorite cereal since I was 7.

  7. somebody really likes cookies, srsly... the desk is full of them

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  9. God that's a lot of food. I wish I could have all that readily available to me at all times.

    I'd also enjoy seeing Trent hanging out in patio furniture. A long departure from a converted mortuary, that's for sure.

  10. looks all very healthy. apart from the coca cola. we're all human, after all. unless it's yearzero coke, count me out!

  11. awesome dude! thanks for updates! wow! A. nobody's better at doing that thing that you do!!! Yep, the next NIN album is gonna be tasty too!

  12. Man that's a lot of junk food. Give me two weeks of your time. I will change your habits.

  13. hehe... junk food... thanks for reminding me how hungry i am... my godamned zune drive is making funky sounds... i hate microsofts bullshit.. i buy vista, 360, live, zune sub., zune.. and they still give me problems with support... they decided in the end to ship a box so i can ship it out..... a entire commercial/cosco sized wheat thins bag... YAY!!!

  14. mmm what a delicious spread! I personally enjoy the puppy food underneath the table- glad to see that all involved are eating healthy to keep the creative juices flowing!

    I cannot wait to hear the secret project- must be great to work together once again! :)

  15. Trent sure has a lot of crap food on hand for someone who looked so buff on his last tour. He must enjoy tempting himself. If this is what his veranda looks like, I wonder what temptations the basement contains...

  16. Well Mr. Reznor does know how to treat is guests.
    Great house by the way.
    When things start to come out,for us to ear?
    Besos sweet ones

  17. I'll take one kiwi, some twizzlers, change that to Emerald walnuts (great taste), a few grapes, and top it off with a brownie! wo0t!

  18. I think I see the can on top of the masking tape on the top right of the picture.

    I also think you have a jar of Skippy Peanut butter and JIF there too, but that is just a guess. ;o)

    I do like the fact that we are looking for a star's coke and not for their "coke".

    Much respect to all!

  19. Guess this is how Trent bulked up,lol. It looks like my goodies drawer 4 that time of the month,lol.

    Oh and I found that coke......lost in all the treats, but found. Funny!

    Used 2 be a different kind of coke at Trent's house, but not anymore,lol.

    An inside look, thanks!

  20. Some have found the can, some not.... but no-one has asked why the can is *black*...

    Someone playing with a sharpie, hmmm?

    -John in MN