Monday, December 17, 2007

A Tale Of Trentsville (part two)

dinner I had alone each night. who says you can't walk in L.A.? I walked to several nice establishments, dined well, and was comfy in my Chamberlain bed by 10:30 each evening.

one of the highlights of each day was the four-handed guitar romp. this happened when alan would join me in the recording room, and like a chef with a tray of diodes and capacitors, he would cook up a fine stew of sound while I wailed away. alan would add in a variety of spicy wild pedals with crazy names* to my guitar set-up and then squeeze their knobs with delight. crazy things erupted from the speakers in what became a kind of performance art piece. some of you may have seen the video trent took of the al and adrian show, but for a true appreciation you would have had to have heard what I was hearing in my headphones. nuts.

on my last day there trent had a surprise. he had ordered in an array of strange ethnic stringed instruments for me to dabble in. it was the first time I had ever even seen a real sarod. but after much wrangling I was able to tune its' primary strings and enough of the sympathetic strings to actually play the beast. and sympathetic is is not. it's a very unforgiving and unwieldy thing even to hold in your lap. eventually I found a few bits which were turned into loops to be tortured later.

all in all, it was an inspiring visit. I hope we do more in the future. speaking of the future, I have no idea what may become of any of this. what I do know, is that I heard incredible music being made and can't wait to hear it again someday. trent is a master of the mysteries of sound (no one makes better sounding records) and with his excellent crew in tow there's no telling what may happen.

thanks again trent, alan, atticus, dustin, and brett.

* like bit mangler and fuz fabrik. studiotrent has an enviable collection of oddball and vintage pedals including many I had never seen before. what a toy store!


  1. looks like most of the pedals from Nothing Studios in N.O. made it over to LA.
    hmm looks like a lot of fun!
    I hope to hear something of this in the near future! :)

  2. insane!

    Thank you for the updates- I cannot wait to hear what you heard in the headphones- I can only imagine!

  3. orale vato, good shit. we trust ur talent..... we all love the work u have done with tr, amazing! thanks for the updates. and hope to hear from u soon loco.

  4. I love the sarod! I have really been listening heavily to Indian music in the last 3 or 4 years. How bout getting yourself one now and adding some forward and backward sarod to belew stew?

  5. Wow! We went to the Moon with less electronic power than that! Godspeed, Adrian Belew.

  6. that is so cool. it's writ from the artist perspective, adrian brings in so details it's almost like being there. very very cool stuff - really looking forward to this next album!

  7. Hey Adrian,

    Unless you have some objection to the contrary, I would like to please call my radio show for xmas eve, 9-12:00 a.m. on WCOM, "An Adrian Belew Christmas featuring Julie and Eric Slick"- 3 hours of your music...with lots of humor thrown in to the soup...I'll send you a the new album and the last one was particularly creative



  8. If nothing becomes if it, leak it on I'm so curious about what you all did..sounds great and I haven't even heard it yet.

  9. Ah, waking up to a full feast of exotic stringed instruments. Not such a bad morning meal.

    Way to rock the sarod.

    Kevin from Pandora

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  11. Adrian,

    Would love to play "On A Wavelength" by the Bears for an "Adrian Belew Xmas"-I can't find a copy (probably lost mine from college) and am leery of using those phony "legal" download
    sites. If you can help, Also hope you find notice about radio show (see above) to be entertaining.



  12. hello, i heard and saw the record of the guitar on the YouTube, and it seemed me like someone's voice...
    :) really good sound.. and completely charmed

    and these toys... look like so sweet candies ;)


  13. AB with FZ Halloween 1977

  14. Hi Adrian,

    You didn't have to have dinner alone. You could have had dinner with a couple of old friends at Houston's. We miss you!

    That's Right NOW!
    Graham & Brenda Elvis

  15. Here's what Trent says he's working on and I assume this is what Adrian went out to add his input to:

  16. I see some of my Lovetone favs.

    Big Cheese
    Ring Stinger

    I'm very curious what Ade thought of those beautiful pedals. I imagine that he'd have a blast with the Ring Stinger!