Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Adidas In Heat...

is practically guaranteed to look good in any closet in your home.
this original adrian painting called adidas in heat
was finished today november 27 at 3:30 p.m.
acrylic and spray paint on canvas, it measures 40" by 30".
this painting will be awarded to the winner
of our SMARTIEs contest on january 10.


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  3. (How) can I buy the ConstruKction Of Light painting that you displayed in the tour of your studio on The Bears Cafe DVD? (I love that DVD/concert AND I especially love the studio tour ... VERY interesting and VERY cool.)

  4. dan:
    sorry dan, that one lives here.


  5. Ade,

    Have you considered marketing prints of your paintings? You've done some great stuff that I'm sure more than a couple of us would love to frame and hang on our walls.


  6. Hi Adrian. Check out Zazzle.com if you're interested in offering prints, posters and other items produced with your artwork. You can even get your art made into postage stamps. Also, I have a pretty awesome photo I took at the Southgate show. How can I send it to you? Through Rob? You can share it with anyone here who would like it.

  7. Hi Kathleen,

    Please DO send it to me. We're always looking for awesome photos!


    robmurple at gmail.com

  8. I really like that painting. I want it. Good job I have recorded a little something for the SMARTIES competition - though I seriously doubt I can win it with my musical noodling as I am not a talented SMARTIE like some of those really clever people out there.

    But on my blog I post demo tracks I am working on and I wondered if it was OK to post an MP3 rough mix of my SMARTIE track (I am using Yoli Yoli as the basis) there? Don't want to infringe any copyrights or upset the artists, etc.

  9. Cool. Done and done.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to play along to your music.

  10. I just got my guitar back from repair. Cats took out a 35 year old SG and created a couple of cracks in various places(no worries, the cats live like princes and princesses and would never incur any wrath). Can't wait to play along with your tunes w/o guitar tracks or finished tracks anyway. Would love to win a painting or have the opportunity to buy some prints of your paintings.
    Is the posting of mp3's of our attempts at being schmarties a blanket okay, or should we as as we go?
    Thanks (for everything)!

  11. bob:
    as far as I'm concerned it's up to you, the creator.

    the winning track will be put on this website for everyone to enjoy.

  12. Is there any track in particular you'd especially like to see somebody play on? If it's cheating to ask something like that you can answer me in private and I won't compete with it, I just really want to do it for fun and I don't enough money to buy several songs (actually i don't have enough to buy any, but I'll do it anyway :)

  13. whoops, I see you have a small list of recommendations under the "calling all SMARTIES" post, so ignore my last comment!

  14. I'd like to fiddle with the Shmarties too but...
    I no longer have my 8 track digi studio, how is everyone doing their project ? Playing into your PC or Mac ?


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  16. :) me too i started to painting adidas
    only who love this art can do that