Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Mighty SRT-6

I sold the Mercedes 300 SL replica to buy this, the only new car I own. the SRT-6 is the high performance version* of the Crossfire, made for only one year, which may deem it a future collectible. built in Germany by Mercedes. fully loaded with everything from navigation to overhead floor mats. in Sapphire Silver Blue. the hand-built 330 horsepower supercharged Mercedes engine propels this beast from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds. less than a second later, you're over the speed limit. thanks to the very nice people at Thomas Chrysler Dodge Jeep in St Clairsville, Ohio (hey Tracy, hey Robert, hi everybody).

*the SRT stands for Street Racing Technology,
the same people who brought us the brutish Dodge Viper.


  1. i really adore this car. the crossfire to me seems to be a really great adaptation of european-style body design, an odd counter to the regrowing popularity of the muscle look.

  2. I stand corrected ...

    No need for regrets of things past here. Great choice!!!

    Enjoy ...

  3. Ade, just get a Scirocco, drop in a 1.8T, and you'll be happier than you thought possible. I love driving mine like no other car I've driven, and I've driven quite a few.

  4. Wow, fast cars and fast guitars.

    You, sir, are the Rock and Roll.

  5. Adrian

    I am so not a car person. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 24 and didn't own a car until I moved to Missouri in 2000. My first and only car is a used Hyundai. But I've really been enjoying reading about your car collection. Thanks for sharing so much of your hobbies here.


  6. Seems as though you got your Crossfire just time time. Chrysler has now announced that they're discontinuing that car among others, in a cost cutting move. Your car may have just gotten more collectible. :)

    If you're ever in South Bend, IN. again, stop by and visit us at The Tire Rack. I'll give you a tour. And you can check out the fine Studebaker museum as well.