Friday, November 2, 2007

two significant things...

happened yesterday.
a) the 9-foot 48-channel Neotek Elan console was successfully moved out of the control room and into storage for eventual sale to some lucky new studio owner. (I have thoroughly enjoyed it these many years and have fond memories of music made and time spent slaving over) and b) the parts for side four (live) were sent to the pressing plant to begin the manufacture thereof.

in two weeks we will begin accepting orders.
I'm told they will make lovely Christmas gifts
for unsuspecting, friends and relatives.


  1. and GARY says---LOVE YOU ADRIAN-!!-WHAT A LOVELY---54TH BIRTHDAY(11/28)--PRESENT--of course--
    the board is loverly--BUT WE CAN FINALLY--PUT DOWN THE RANT/CHANT!!
    sidefour live--sidefour live--honestly--have loved--the taste-
    (the un-done--version)--and the off-the board--tokyo--shows-that
    we've--(robbi and i)-have been privvy--to-but---thanks--can't wait-!!!--TO SEE THE REAL-THING--OOPS!-sounds like a COKE-commercial---anyway--love to all-gary

  2. I'd love to get "Side 4" in my stocking, but I think I'd prefer the SRT-6. "Come on honey, I've been good this year!"

    What's an overhead floor mat?

  3. yahooooooooooooooo Adrian!

    you little beauty!

    This news has made my day.... :-D

    Will you be offering copies of the new CD autographed by yourself, Julie and Eric?

    I would be more than happy to pay extra for the pleasure..... :-D
    (I understand this is a tiresome chore - but it certainly makes the disc just that little extra special)

    And the mighty SRT-6 is way hot! As is the way it drives/handles as well, no doubt! Damn sweet I bet :-D All we need now is a photo of you hugging it :-)


  4. YaY! Side Four!!! I can hardly wait!

  5. Wondering about that 'overhead floor mat' too David.

    The SRT is stunning! And I bet you're in heaven with your lovely wife by your side in that baby!

  6. Whoot(!) for Side Four!

    And OMG on that monster board. That's like one of those things most bands go into the studio to record, see that thing and immediately think they're not worthy. Good luck on the sale. I'm sure some studio somewhere will pick up a great deal on a great recording tool.

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