Thursday, November 15, 2007

Michael Clay Plays the Music of Adrian Belew and King Crimson

a few years ago when our dear friend Ian Wallace was alive and well and living here in Nashville, he and Margie and Martha and I had dinner with a mutual friend from Dallas, Michael Clay.
the restaurant was The Capitol Grille* located in one of downtown finest old establishments, The Heritage Hotel, a completely refurbished art deco wonder. the chef of the restaurant, a friend of Margie's, prepared for us special tastings of various amazing dishes. served one at a time, each entree was appetizer size and ran the gamut from meat and fish to pasta and deserts. bite by bite, it was a fabulous meal.
there was a pianist playing classic rock songs rendered in a psuedo-classical fashion. I commented on how interesting the music was and how certain pieces took a minute to identify. I thought out loud how nice it would be to have a song of mine done that way. Michael is a fabulous concert pianist among other things. he said, "I can do that." and indeed he can.
that is how the two of us began a project of adrian pieces and adrian/krimson pieces played by Michael on concert piano in a fashion befitting wine and delicacies. over the last two years many MP3s have been passed my way by Michael and I've enjoyed every note. I love hearing the songs in such a "high-art" context. this saturday we will meet here at StudioBelew to take a look at what's needed to complete our collaboration.

then we hope to share it with you.

*the Capitol Grille in Nashville is a top notch restaurant
but is not to be confused with the small chain of Capital Grilles
(spelled with two A's) in various major cities which happen
to be my favorite fine dining establishments anywhere.


  1. That sounds really interesting. Christopher O'Rielly did a series of great piano interpretations of radiohead tunes. I'd really like to hear your work piano-ized.


  2. Fun! I always love remakes: "...the most sincere flattery" and all. As a non-musician I always feel like I don't hear as much in music as I might. Listening to remakes of music with which I'm familiar frequently yields revelations for me. Remakes with drastically different instrumentation is even better. Similarly, I love it when an artist comes up with a new arrangement for a song.

  3. The Hermitage Hotel perhaps? Newbie Brad

  4. I heard some of this Music post a Belew Power Trio show last night in Milwaukee, WI. While the show was superb and I was completely spent in the aftershow-glow, captivated...
    I heard it.

    It is more than compelling. Words do not suffice.

  5. Michael Clay is great artist and I really think he can play anyone's music and his own music too with a great performance, he is really a talented musician!

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