Wednesday, November 7, 2007

morning calisthenics in the key of e...

finds brave young eric at the piano while we attempt to decipher some last minute notation for the counter lines in e

there are indeed a few tricky bits but eric has now written the parts into his computer using a program called finale.

this has clarified what julie and Iplay against each other as well as how that will sound against the running chromatic line I will be looping. madness ensues.


  1. WOW--i'm guessing whilst you two gents--are busy writing//notating-
    away----our JULIE--is busy--cooking up---more treats----haa-!!-
    love the two shots---wishin-i was
    in KNOSHVILLE--with----the CREW//POWER TRIO--ETC--anyway--great-before and after-MADNESS---PART TWO----(i know E--is the gnu-
    jam-to replace-BEATBOX)-appears-
    the band is having fun--along with
    hard work--miss all of ya---GARY

  2. Looks like you are still sporting a long hairdo. You Rebel.