Monday, November 19, 2007

Side Four (live) Alert

just to let everyone know, please don't expect to see your side four (live) before the second week of December. the pressing plant has let us know they are running at least one week late, meaning we'll receive them no sooner than the end of November. then to have them signed by eric and julie will require another week's turnaround and we'll send them out as quickly as possible. thanks for your patience.


  1. Adrian,

    We waited this long, a couple additional weeks won't kill us. :-)

    I'm excited by the news that Gavin Harrison will join King Crimson in August for four shows in Chicago. Any more dates/locations that you can share with us?

    As cool as it will be to see King Crimson play again, I'm more excited to see the trio playing new material in March! Every time I listen to Beat Box Live I think that you guys should improv more too.


  2. No Worries!

    We're excited as 'all get out' in anticipation of these long-awaited little gems.... but another week is no biggie - especially as y'all are going to be signing them!

    SWEET! Can't wait to slap it on and crank it up.....I could sure use 'a little madness'!


  3. in that case, i want mine with a special dedication from all three of you.

    just kidding :P

    i'll be with my parents and siblings for most of december so there's a high possibility they'll learn all of side four by christmas from all the spins i'm gonna give it (adrian belew top listener @ right here).

    i've been looking for a track list but no luck =[ where should i be looking?

  4. It will be my present for Christmas!
    Great News!


  5. YES---CAN'T WAIT--to see the "finished product"--fortunate that-we've heard it-and (stop teasing us-gary)--it is killer--and for earlier post----this band-JAMS-----if the earlier-download-of BEATBOX-got you goin-ooooooooooo-wait til you hear--"little madness"---and a different-version of "beatbox"--than that download---also-"biffy--sure is spiffy"-----you'll have to wait--i know you'll L O V E IT---GARY----
    and a wonderful-safe-THANKSGIVING-TO-ALL

  6. This is just me, but I'd rather NOT have the track listing. I like to treat live CDs like going to a gig: I sit down, put the disc in the player, and let the band present the show to me. Then I can be surprised/thrilled by what I hear.

    But that's just me ...

  7. that's true cirdecsongs1; however, since most of the time the Live CD's I buy are from excellent live bands (pink floyd, led zeppelin, gilmour, caetano veloso, etc) I like to think of it as TWO surprises, 1) knowing the track list and 2) hearing the track list. And knowing me, I'd be disappointed if a track I really wanted never plays if I were to put the D in without knowing th track listing!

  8. Adrian,

    That new Gilmour IS awesome, isn't it?

    I see your point. Still, I remember what Pat Mastelotto said: "Expectation is the prison in which we all dwell." Since AB has such an extensive back catalog, I already know that no one gig or CD will hold all that I would like to hear. I'm willing to accept what comes forth. The remainder I'll have to leave to memory of gigs past or imagination. Knowing what's coming might -- might -- alter my feelings about the rest of the set before I hear it. I'll take my chances.

    But like I said, that's just me.

  9. I just got my signed copy today up here in Canada. The package had to go through customs and the customs declaration form was signed by Adrian himself! Now that's service.

    Mr. K