Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Momur (original demo)

the momur (original demo)
volume 1 number 5

this is where the solo work
really began. along
with a
of songs that
included lone rhino and buy that face this demo was manager stan's first real attempt at landing the elusive record deal.

there were many skeptics. one infamous A&R man asked stan "is this the guy who plays guitar for bowie? well, tell him to keep playing guitar for bowie and forget about making his own records."

understandably no one expected the latest flavor "stunt guitarist" to offer songs about peas, rhinos, and adidas. humorous music was a hard sell at a time when the new york cognoscenti were so head over heels with new wave. in fact, despite stan's best efforts over the next two years no record label ever signed me by the normal channel of accepting demos of my music and liking what they heard. no record label ever signed me by the common means of hearing my music played live, though GaGa played our share of showcases. no record label ever signed me because of faith in my ability to be more than sideman.

my destiny was through the back door. eventually it was a chance meeting with visionary music mogul Chris Blackwell* at his home in the Bahamas which gave me the chance to make my own music.

* chris blackwell was the same visionary who first signed king crimson in 1969.

piano: christy bley
saxophone: bill janssen
bass guitar: rich denhart
guitar, drums, and vocal: adrian
engineer: rich denhart
recorded at Cwazy Wabbit Studio in Springfield, Il.
sometime in 1979
length: 4:21


  1. Mmm...
    How incoincidental...... certainly a visionary!

    Excellent topic Ade, can't wait to hear more about this period : )

  2. Hi Adrian,

    Do you have any plans to make these releases available in high quality format? The MP3's are good enough for the iPod, but a lossless format like FLAC would be great.

  3. Woot! 3rd row, dead center (seat 13 to be exact! the lucky number) for Harrisburg, PA. Very excited to finally experience the music live. The wife didn't want to join me for the RF and the LCG, but she's in for this one. :D

    "Play Side Two!" will be the chant. :/

  4. Oh - this would segue nicely into a story about Mr Blackwell, like so many of your other great stories...


  5. 2 things:

    1. GaGa was so much fun; it was a time when a lot of musicians who were taking themselves quite seriously, shouldn't have been. (Not that there weren't also some who were seriously great). Then along comes Adrian with GaGa- a seriously great guitarist who was into not taking himself too, too seriously. That made for some delicious fun for all of us...

    2. Yes, please, more about Chris Blackwell, and also working with Robert Palmer ( another CB artiste) . Another under appreciated artist only known for a mediocre radio hit. How was that collaboration?

  6. not related but...

    i just put in my order for S4.

    just in time for thanksgiving too!

  7. Adrian,
    I am sure the "back door" of Compass Pt. Studios was as picturesque as the front :)with a better view of the beach!
    We have Chris Blackwell to thank for SO many great bands,and other things!
    He is truly a visionary.Wish there were a few more of them,

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  9. I only have 2 words to say here.

    "Tongue Snatcher"

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