Tuesday, November 13, 2007

live in a tree?...

sometimes I feel like I do.
this is the view from my breakfast table.

I love it here.


  1. Take a picture of you climbing it, now THAT would be quite the view

  2. such a beautiful view....
    no wonder you love it there Ade :-)

    here in the great white north - we have NO leaves left, they have all long but departed...carried away with the fall winds, or covered by the first snows....

    today's weather in our new abode in Flin Flon, Manitoba - currently minus 2 celcius, or 28 farenheit with 15cm or 6 inches of snow....

    certainly makes the Trio of Terror's new line of winter apparel appropriate :-)

    Hey, are those the famous Slick Family cookies sitting alongside the Trio on the mantle?


  3. A lovely view indeed. Here in Maryland the trees still have many leaves and the colors are fantastic. The sun has not been out much the last couple of days but is supposed to return to us tomorrow. I hope to venture out to the woods near my home tomorrow afternoon with my camera.

  4. Adrian, you lucky dog you! I'd love a view like that.

    Funny, I just finished a book that takes place near where you live. It's a fictional account of the battle of Franklin called Widow of the South. It's based on the life of Carrie McGavock, who gave her southern plantation home to serve as a hospital for Confederate soldiers in 1864. Many men died there, you can visit her home (called Carnton) and the graveyard she created for the soldiers. I believe it's off of Rte. 65, south of where you reside, have you heard of it? It's a good book, might be of interest to you to read about the area you now call home! You can visit the website here:


    A lovely place Tennessee, full of both history and mystery...