Sunday, November 11, 2007


volume 2 number 1

June 1980, a full year before the making of lone rhino,
and the making of king crimson's discipline
and the tom tom club's hit song genius of love
having just toured the world with frank zappa,
then again with david bowie,
and yet again with the talking heads
and with no hope in sight for a record deal of my own,
I spent an afternoon in a small studio in Illinois
experimenting with backward tapes of log drums
recorded at various speeds to create overlapping rhythms,
playing the insides of the piano with drum sticks,
and creating a strange snake-charmer-like modal guitar
plugged through a Foxx Tone Machine.

percussive piano, log drum, drums, guitar: adrian
engineer: rich denhart
recorded at Faithful Studio in Champaign Urbana, Ill.
sometime in June 1980
length: 4:17

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