Tuesday, November 6, 2007

happier notes...

are being played here today.
julie arrived in at 8:05 this morning, eric yesterday.
we began with a new piece I've spent considerable
time on which I am calling
there are very awkward chromatic movements
and counter lines throughout so I've asked
boy genius eric
to help notate the parts I have in mind.
this has taken the two of us all day.

e is not easy but it is the logical brainchild
of beat box guitar and will afford us a lovely
new improv platform just as beat box always has.

so meanwhile chef julie has prepared amazing foods.
for lunch we had her Caesar salad
with julie's homemade dressing
(a fabulous concoction of creamy Dijon, shallot, and thyme)
with pita bread and red pepper hummus...yum.
but just now it's dinner time...
julie's own creation:
incredible edible homemade raviolis
with asparagus, mushroom, and four cheeses
(ricotta, Parmesan, mozzarella, cream cheese)
julie said it's a creamy leek and mushroom ragu
adorning four cheese ravioli,
but we just called it delicious!

fresh toasted baguettes
with garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil
and crisp Pinot Grigio wine.
phew... life is tough.

as one young brave once yelled:


  1. With all of this wonderful eating going on. It's a wonder you get any music done!
    Not how I remember band rehersal days. Not at all.

  2. Adrian - are you carnivorous? How 'bout Julie and Eric?

  3. yummy. Might be time for me to drop by again. :-)

  4. Yeah, new Belew tunes!
    All the best.

  5. Wow. For a moment there I thought I was reading Robin's blog! HAHA ;-]

    Adrian, you and Martha eat meat right?

  6. YUMMY Vegesaurus food, it's a good thing!