Thursday, November 15, 2007

and the whole day just got better...

when I received a call from Trent Reznor
asking me to work with him on new music
in L.A. for the first week of december.

trent has always championed my playing.
he once said in Guitar Player Magazine
"adrian is the most awesome musician in the world."
I've always joked that it was a typo
and that he really said the most awful musician.

but it is seriously a mutual admiration.
in my opinion, no one makes better sounding records than trent.
I love what he does and I'm happy he feels the same.



  1. Hi Adrian,

    Boone County High School was putting on their Marching band competition program "Traditions" for our school today and he mentioned that the drumline creates/uses several cadences as warm-ups and that they are all named after alumni. I immediately thought of you...they/you could create one for them and name it after you.

    After the performance I was talking to Dave Weber the band director of Boone County High School today. I mentioned that you graduated from BCHS class o' '67 and Ludlow. He had heard of King Crimson and seemed genuinely impressed that the singer/guitarist from that band was a BCHS alumnus. He would like to talk with you.

    Maybe you and he can collaborate on something... a drumline cadence, a school of rock type of collaboration, maybe they could do a spot on a recording of yours, who knows.

  2. red6uitar:
    a very intriguing idea.
    I have just the cadence for them.
    please tell dave to contact me via
    the management e-mail.


  3. Was reading your blog when I found this link and figured you'd probably be interested if you happen to read these comments:

    The first ever High Definition pictures of an "Earth Rise" and "Earth Set", taken from the Moon:


  4. Adrian-

    I'm glad to read that life is going so swimmingly for you as of late, what with the new record and collaborations!

    Congrats and I can't wait to hear Side Four!

  5. One of the most amazing things about discovering the music of Adrian Belew is reading the liner notes of albums you've known for years and realizing that all this time, you've already been listening to him.

    ...and every once in a while, you get to hear one of his guitar solos in the movie trailer for the "300".

    Trent is one of my favourite musicians (after you, of course, Ade') and he brings out the best in your playing. I look forward to hearing where he brings you next.

  6. Obviously Trent has great taste!

    Exciting! All of your news... Side Four, tours, cadences, collaborations! Yes indeed!

    Hi Red6uitar!

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  8. Awesome news! Mr Reznor has been doing great things lately, and it'll be even better with you back in the mix...

  9. So very sweet,
    Looking forward to the 20th to get the fourth side, and seeing what you and mr reznor come up with.
    its nice to see you smile!

  10. low self esteem boy:
    sorry to say, but that wasn't me in the trailer for the 300.
    but it sure was an incredible movie!

  11. Adrian,
    Very cool about all the musical happenings ! Interesting artwork for Side 4, can't wait to hear it.

  12. Adrian,

    this is awesome (not a typo ;-)) good news.
    Hope you'll come to Italy asap with or without Trent (come with Trent anyway).

  13. yogini67:
    that's not the artwork for side four.
    it's one of many "treated" photos from our session with mark colman. mark is more than a photographer, he's a visual artist who creates through the medium of photography and computers.
    I love that shot (and all of mark's marvelous work) but decided on a different treated shot from mark which you'll find inside the record.

  14. Hi Adrian,

    Nothing but good news from you lately! Side Four next week, work with Mr. Reznor in December, then the AB3 tour in the early spring! I've got my (front row) tickets in hand and was thrilled to see that the California Guitar Trio will open for you in Harrisburg. Will they open more shows for you or are we just lucky?

  15. Hi Adrian,

    I beg to differ. It may have aired only in Canada (speaking of which, when will you be playing in Montreal, we miss you) but there was a trailer for the "300" featuring Nine Inch Nails's "Just Like You Imagined", specifically the section with the guitar solo that sounded like a Ring Modulated Guitar run through a vacuum cleaner. It sounded very much like your work, and you did play on the track, so if it wasn't you, than hats of to Charlie Clouser for paying you a wonderful homage.

    All the best,


  16. low self esteem boy:
    I stand corrected. (actually I'm seated) I did not know about that. it wasn't in the the trailer I saw (in fact I just went to watch it again to be sure) but if you saw a trailer with trent's music, it must have been me.

    what an awesome movie.

  17. There's another 6 cents Ade!

    Good to hear you'll be working with Trent again.

  18. Is that something you should be getting paid for? One of those 6 cent checks?

  19. For those who haven't seen it, this should be it:
    (I don't have speakers on my computer at work, but this should be the right trailer)

  20. Adrian,
    if you haven't picked it up yet, you should get Frank Miller's original graphic novel. You'll love if just as much if not more!

    Good to hear about some more NIN work. KC and NIN should tour together!

  21. Wow, I'll be in LA the first week of December too. I bet you'll have more fun, Adrian. I'm going to be there for work - stressful meetings and little time off to enjoy the area. I should be able to catch one concert while I'm there - Debbie Harry is playing at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Tuesday, 12/4.


  22. Damn, Adrian, I just watched a video of you doing Within You Without You.
    That was great!

  23. Adrian, Congrats! I hope you have a great time in California. I like that thing he did with Bowie, "I'm Afraid of Americans." Your distinctive guitar sound will be great with his vocals.

  24. Hi Adrian,
    Thanks for the info about the artwork for " Side 4 ",(and the artist). Can't wait to hear/see it, and the The Power Trio again in Palm Beach Florida ???? . We have SUCH perfect weather in the winter,so much nicer than in August :).