Monday, November 26, 2007

Adidas In Heat (live GaGa)

adidas in heat
(live GaGa)

volume 1 number 7

manager stan
had already
three batches
of demos for
the amusement
of many A&R departments of New York and L.A. labels when it was decided a new approach might be required.

what was needed was a "showcase" in New York City. I was advised to borrow enough money, $700 in fact, to afford for GaGa to drive 20 hours to stay a couple days in New York City (on the cheaper Jersey side, of course.) we ended up doing 2 showcases with a disappointing turnout of record moguls (none) and their lackeys. somewhere along the way rich denhart's van was broken into, things were stolen, and he was forced to spend most of one day in the police station filing paperwork. it was all for naught, as no record label took the bait and there were no offers of stardom.

however, one very good unexpected thing did come from the trip. after our show at Irving Plaza I was asked into a nearby stairwell where david byrne, jerry harrison, and brian eno stood waiting. they told me about a record they were in the process of making and asked if I could stay an extra day to record with them. I conferred with the rest of GaGa who didn't seem to mind hanging around New York. so the next day I headed for Sigma Sound in Manhattan. there, in one day, I played all over the talking heads record remain in light, and drove 20 hours home the next morning.

this live version of adidas in heat offers only a hint of the wackiness GaGa's live shows were known for; a melding of visual humor, costumes, and rock vaudeville.
and the drums were on tape!

piano, vocals: christy bley
saxophone, vocals: bill janssen
bass guitar: rich denhart
guitar, drums, and vocals: adrian
engineer: rich denhart
recorded live somewhere sometime in 1979
length: 3:35


  1. Wait just a minute!

    There has to be way more to tell about ending up in a stairwell with Eno, Byrne and Harrison. Don't be so stingy with the details.

    Love Adidas In Heat--see ya in Phoenix.

  2. Bass player/recording engineer?

    Sounds familiar :^)

    I guess us bass players don't have enough to do.

    This is one of my favorite "silly"
    Adrian songs. I'll be purchasing
    this as soon as I get home.

  3. and Remain in light was the one that started it all for me. It opened up so many doors.

  4. didnt Gaga play NYC w/league of gentlemen?

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