Tuesday, May 8, 2007

to be candid...

I don't usually care for live rock records. even though I've been part of a few good ones. live jazz? absolutely. live classical? a must. but many live "rock" recordings have a hollowness like something is missing from the sound. most live rock records leave me wishing for the well-produced studio version. that's just my opinion. which explains why I have not made a live solo record until now. maybe it's because I've lived my life in a recording studio where things are never out of tune (at least not for long) and the sound is rich and full. maybe that's why I was so dumbfounded upon hearing the first 7 side four mixes.
I loved it! it gave me chills.
I felt that rare thing: passion.

the one component so favorable to a live record is the energy.
many live records today (in the "Idol Era") are heavily processed to iron out the imperfections. you're not going to have a "star" allow their voice to be out of tune. many records have added parts to enhance what could not actually be "performed". in a time when nearly everyone has ProTools it would be rare to hear something that wasn't doctored to death. those records are more hydrid studio/live than an actual "record" of the event and they somehow drain the synergy from the performance.
the passion and energy of side four makes it impossible for me to want to "doctor" anything. it sounds and feels like people voraciously enjoying playing music. eric and julie shine.
it sounds like a hot ass trio breathing together (pardon my french.)
I can't wait for you to hear it.


  1. I can't wait to hear it!! I've always preferred live cd's myself.
    Like you said, it's the energy that makes it all the better. Did you record any of the Bears shows this time around for a live cd or dvd? Thank you!

  2. I already heard it! Because I was there! I can't wait to experience it again. It was an amazing night, indeed. It's a wonderful time to be an Adrian Belew fan. We're all riding the "high" with you, Ade. Any chance you'll add "Sleepless" to the Power Trio set list? I'd love to hear Julie and Eric attack that rhythym.

  3. we did not record the bears shows, figuring we have recently released both live CD and DVD.

    sleepless? a timely suggestion as I'm already making plans for the trio touring. thanks.

  4. I too usually prefer studio albums to live (although I do have some live albums that are great: Dire Straits: Alchemy Live for example). I can't wait for Side Four.

  5. Hi Adrian,
    can`t wait to hear it!!
    Unfortunately I haven`t saw you live with the trio till today, cause I am from Germany where you only played two shows, both of them about 500 kilmometers away from my hometown!!
    So is there a chance that you will come to (South)Germany again?
    By the way, what about the Crimson King? I saw you in Stuttgart 2003, an absolutely high point in my 23years old life!!!
    And I am not the only one here, there are many young fans here, who can`t wait to hear somethig new!


    I hope my English is understandable.

  6. 'making plans for the trio touring' ..... hold that thought for one moment Ade.
    What does one have to do to get the trio north of the border this summer - specifically to Vancouver or Victoria? If someone could give me some direction, on what steps to take, I would gladly undertake whatever action is necessary to make this possibility a reality. (email me at:- belewhale@gmail.com)
    But I realise that Vancouver is a very long way from Nashville - and the summer is short.
    So, my question to Adrian is, If I were able to generate sufficient interest here, and a venue such as 'The Town Pump' was available (The Bears have played there a number of times),.... would the Adrian Belew Power Trio seriously consider coming to Vancouver?

  7. "it sounds and feels like people voraciously enjoying playing music. eric and julie shine.
    it sounds like a hot ass trio breathing together (pardon my french.)"

    In other words, it sounds "like" a good live jazz record!

  8. Tickets purchased for the Annapolis show last week. :-)

    If you are taking requests, I would love to hear the Lone Rhinoceros!

  9. belewboggfan:
    I love the Town Pump. great venue. if you really are serious (and perhaps deranged) please contact my agent Joshua Knight at Monterey International. the number is:


  10. well here i am entering techno world!my virgin post my wife sitting giggling at me- but i'm bursting with anticipation-reading your blog-i've heard it all live-but a finished work in near future-i think you've said this "oh my god"-one of my three guitar heros-hendrix-clapton-adrian belew-recorded live with my offspring-surreal?-for me it is-and as far as great rock live recordings-"hendrix in the west"and any of cream-live-this is what i was raised on-and robbie and i just listened to "certified live dave mason"-liner note--"no overdubs"-so with this project in the hands of saul and yourself-i can't wait!-so continue to post updates-make me drool-break out the ketchup bottle-wake up "carly simon"-make her sing "anticipation"---i'm ready-ready- as any body can be--live power trios rock!!especialy yours---like "borat"-very nice-gary

  11. oh gary, you're making me blush.
    tell that daughter of yours if she sticks with me she'll be wearing apples the size of diamonds.

    love ya,

  12. Annapolis show? When? Where? I don't see a tour schedule on the power trio website....

  13. ab
    im with fishhead and kalka2. ive allways prefered live records, for exactly the same reasons. a band cant hide anything live. they can either play it -and mean it, or not. shows what theyre really capable of.
    ive seen your band and i cant wait to hear the recording. ken would have LOVED to do a full on live rock cd! ---dernnit...

    ill buy that right now.